Wonderful Wednesday #11

Brrrrrrrr! Hasn't it got super chilly all of a sudden? Not that I'm really complaining, as I have mentioned time and time again, I am a winter baby through and through! Anyho, how are you are all? I hope you're having a lovely week so far. Shall we get on with all things woooonderful?... 

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Pretty Scenes

I'm pretty sure I've mentioned some type of weather/landscape in every wonderful wednesday for the last three months. Autumn and Winter just create the most beautiful scenes. From the sun setting amongst the orange trees, offering a warm glow through my office window, to the cold frosty mornings with bright blue skies and white glistening grass accompanying me on my drive to work. There is so much wonderfulness outside and I'm glad I get to witness it all.

Experimenting with Food

I'm not sure if I can really call this experimenting but as I'm not very adventurous with cooking, just adding salt to my meal could be classed as an experiment!

G recently tasted a little bit of my pesto pasta and seemed to really enjoy it. I'm always trying to find new foods for G to eat, he's such a fussy eater so if he tries something new and likes it, I immediately take note.

On Sunday, I whipped up pesto pasta but added in some broccoli and spinach...just because. I really liked it and G seemed to enjoy it. I think next time, I'll add more oil and maybe chuck in a few bits of bacon.

I really need to make more of an effort when it comes to cooking, maybe I'll look in to taking a community course...hmm, yes maybe.

Shopping with My Mum

On Tuesday evening, my Mum dragged me to Biggleswade to help her find a wedding outfit. It was nice to have a little shop, just the two of us. I always enjoy helping my Mumma pick out an outfit and although it was short, it was super sweet.

Weekend away

Ahhh I just want it to be Friday already. I've booked half a days holiday so me and G can get up to Nottingham earlier. I'm really looking forward to our little Christmas adventure, the thought of finally spending some quality time together and completing our Christmas shopping is getting me through this week.

Goal Writing

I finally set myself some goals for 2017 and it felt so good to get them all down. I say all, there's only a few but they're pretty big ones. I've chose to split them into months, as I think they're easier to work towards when you have a specific time limit, instead of just saying 'In 2017, I will...'

The big goal for next year is for me and G to be in our own place by September. After New York, it'll be time to save save save. So please, nobody invite me to anything cool because I won't have the dollar.

Aaaaaand that's a wrap! If you would like to share your wonderfulness with myself and the gang* on Twitter, then please do and don't forget to use the hashtag #wonderfulwednesday! I hope you all have a super wonderful rest of week and a fabulous beginning to December (eeeek, can you believe it's nearly the end of the year?!) 

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Wonderful Wednesday #10

Happy Wednesday all! I managed to sneak past last Wednesday without anyone noticing I hadn't posted (until now, when I've just admitted it to you all). I was having a bit of a mare on Tuesday evening, trying to find a hotel to stay in Belfast that was 1. Not ridiculously expensive, 2. Not out in the sticks and 3. Not a complete hell hole. I think sometimes mine and G's (mainly G's) high standards really do get in the way. By the time I had given up and slammed the lid down on my laptop, I was in a bit of a mood and THEN I remembered that I should be scheduling a wonderful Wednesday post. I failed, miserably. However, I am back this week and raring to go with all things lovely!

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New Life

So my *kind-of-practically-is-may-aswell-be-step-sister* gave birth to a beautiful little girl called Harriet on Thursday. I found out via the very modern form of Facebook that Rheya had a bit of a tough time in labour BUT I am sure herself and fiance James would do it all over again because Harriet looks like the most wonderful little reward. I am yet to squeeze those chubby arms and cheeks but I can't wait till I do. Congratulations again guys!

Bruno Mars

Will this guy ever stop being funky? Seriously. Like, stop hogging all the damn funk and give me some of it. On Friday, Bruno Mars' new album was released, so I did what any sane human being would do...downloaded it from Spotify and jammed to those funky sounds all the way to work. FORGET YO INSTAGRAM AND YO TWITTER. 

If you haven't listened to it yet, I urge you all to pick up your phones, tablets, laptops and get on down to some of those beastly Bruno beats. Some favourites of mine include Perm, Straight Up and Down and Chunky

A Weekend Away

After the trouble we had with finding a hotel in Belfast, I really thought I wouldn't get to visit a Christmas market this year. However, after ditching the travelling by plane idea and researching the best Christmas markets in the UK, we finally came up with a plan. On the first weekend of December, we're visiting Nottingham AND Coventry to explore their Christmas markets and finish the rest of our Christmas shopping. I'm really looking forward to spending more time with G. Now he's moved back to his old store, he works almost every weekend and with myself working throughout the week, we hardly get to spend a whole day together, so I'm feeling super lucky to have him to myself for a whole 48 hours. 

P.s. If you have any recommendations of places to visit/eat in Nottingham or Coventry, please do let me know! 

Being Helpful

On Saturday, I helped my *not-yet-but-will-be-eventually-sister-in-law* set up her eldest daughters party. There was sooooooo much stuff to prepare but luckily we had six hours to make the hall look like a fairground. From pick n mix, to cake carousels, a mini hot dog stand and a balloon arch. The end result was wicked. It looked brilliant and myself and Mel were really quite chuffed with our work.

Date Nights

Yes, notice the s! PLURAL date nights. On Sunday, I took G out after work. We dined in a well known Italian restaurant, before settling down in front of the big screen to watch Fantastic Beasts at Broadway Cinema in Letchworth. It is the cutest (and warmest!) little cinema, with lots of extra legroom and ticket prices that don't break the bank! The film was much better than I had expected, I would definitely recommend it! 

Yesterday evening, G took it upon himself to surprise me with a date night. We ate Italian (again) and then visited Barn Theatre in Welwyn to watch The Lady in the Van. I thoroughly enjoyed the play and was really impressed with the acting, especially the lady who played Miss Shepherd. 

I never get to spend this much time with G in the evenings, so it has been rather lovely. He now has to work nine days in a row but I'm not too fussed because at the end of it, I'll get to spend a whole weekend with him. Hip-hip-hooray! 

That's all for this week my lovelies! I hope you're having a fantastic week and are experiencing lots of wonderful thaaangs. If you would like to share your wonderfulness with myself and the gang* on Twitter, then please do and don't forget to use #wonderfulwednesday! 

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Wonderful Wednesday #9

Happy wonderful wednesday to you all! I hope you are all well and have had a brilliant start to the week! I've just returned from a very indulgent indian with some of my favourite people. Wrapped up in the cosiest dressing gown, with a stomach full of chicken korma and naan bread, I am ready to share all things wonderful with you...

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Bagging a Parking Space

On Saturday I braved the Tesco car park in town. I don't normally go out on Saturday's as they're far too busy for my liking. I much prefer chilling out on the sofa, leaving my errands and little outings to Sunday morning. However, having spent several hours on the sofa binge watching Bates Motel, I thought I should get out of the house for a little bit. I hopped in my car and headed in to town. The roads were super busy and Tesco car park was rammed BUT as soon as I entered the car park, I managed to bag a spot in my usual area. The parking angels were definitely on my side that afternoon. I did a little cheery dance in my car, as a woman drove past looking very peeved. Sorry but a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do...

Fondant Fancies 

After purchasing a packet of Fondant Fancies and demolishing two of the baby pink ones, I had assumed that I had eaten all of the little pink treasures. The following day, I was craving something sweet so I slowly made my way back to the packet, with the intention of settling for a chocolate one (which let's face it, nobody really likes). As I slid the box open, my eyes met a beautiful pink little square and I let out a mini squeal. It really is the small things that make my week wonderful! 

A Relaxing Morning

Yesterday, I had the ultimate pleasure of star fishing in bed for a good 30 minutes. G was on an early shift at work which meant I could catch up on Made in Chelsea whilst getting ready for work, without disturbing anyone. 

The sky was such a beautiful blue and the park opposite us was covered in the perfect white-grey frost (if you look closely in the picture above, you should be able to see it). If I could wish for one thing, it would be that G was a morning person. That we could rise early, enjoy the magical scene outside our bedroom window and slowly make our way downstairs for a breakfast feast. In the mean time, I'm happy for his work to schedule in a few more early shifts and have a slow morning or two all to myself. 

Angus and Julia Stone

Earlier this week, I read one of Alex's blog posts which mentioned the song she chose to walk down the aisle to. Intruigued, I followed the link and was greeted by such a beautiful sound. I have been listening to them on Spotify ever since, their songs create the most perfect serene atmosphere. I think my favourite song so far is All the Colours. I will be making the most out of my premium trial and getting as much Angus and Julia Stone lovin' as possible. 

That's all for this week folks! Now it's your turn - what has been making your week extra wonderful? Share your #wonderfulwednesday moments with myself and the rest of the gang* on Twitter

Wonderful Wednesday #8

Happy wonderful wednesday to you all! I cannot believe that yesterday was the 1st of November. I'm panicking slightly at not being as prepared for Christmas as I thought I was. I feel like I should have already started my Christmas shopping and have half of it wrapped, stored safely in my secret hiding place. How is it possible that we'll be letting in a new year through the front door within a matter of weeks?! 

Putting all panic aside, today is a day for happiness and celebrating the small things!

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The Clocks going Back

I've been called weird on several occasions because of my love of the dark and all things cold and wintry. Some people are summer babies, I am a winter baby - through and through. I love driving home in the dark and whipping on my pj's as soon as I've set foot in the door. I love wrapping my dressing gown around me and settling down in front of the television. When the clocks went back on Sunday, I found myself out of bed and at the supermarket by half 10, which is pretty good going for someone who has a tendency to stay in bed till two in the afternoon. Some people think the clocks going back can be an absolute nightmare, I for one am absolutely loving it. 


I recently signed up for the 30 day free trial of Spotify premium and oh my goodness, who knew premium life could be sooo good? I've created a playlist entitled Bubbles*, which hosts the most perfect collection of songs to sing your heart out too. I've featured a few of the songs from the film Dreamgirls and have loved performing 'One Night Only' to those stuck in traffic on my way to work.

*this playlist was originally created for when I have quality bath time but I've found myself singing along in the living room, my bedroom and in my car.


On Sunday, I had the house to myself and thought it would be a good opportunity to have a little tidy. I sorted all of the post out, binning newspapers from several months ago and chucking away takeaway menu's that have never and would never be used. There is something so theraputic about having a good old clear out! 

A Change of Plan

I mentioned in another Wonderful Wednesday post that myself and G were planning on saving for a years worth of rent and moving somewhere completely new. However, we had a little chat with my Mumma and her partner Steve and thought that it would be good for us to just find a place in our local area. I really want to set up our own little humble abode and think it's probably best to just bite the bullet before we get far too comfortable at my Mum's and spend all our house money on holidays! I'm constantly changing my mind on what I think we should do but this feels like the right option.

There you have it! Another short but sweet one. Now it's over to you, how has your week been? Share your #wonderfulwednesday moments with myself and the rest of the gang* on Twitter

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