Wonderful Wednesday #7

Happy hump day to you all! This week, I'm coming at you from my dining room table (can it still be called a dining room table if *technically* you don't have a dining room?) ready to give you a happy dose of Wonderful Wednesdayness. I normally write blog posts on the sofa or whilst in bed but I find I write so much better (and feel super profesh) when writing at a table. Which is why I cannot wait for me and G to get our own little place, I will definitely be finding room for a little office space, no matter how much G protests against it. 

Shall we get straight to it?

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Jane the Virgin 

UH this show. I love love love it. I'm watching the second episode of the third series right now (multitasking at its best). It's hilarious, tragic, dramatic and just UH so damn great. I find it best viewed in bed on a Sunday morning, wrapped up in your duvet covers with a toasted muffin or a warm croissant. 


Food and Wonderful Wednesday posts just go hand in hand, don't they? Like salt and pepper, sausages and yorkshire puddings, chips and curry sauce, mmm. This week, my food comes in the form of the most delicious chicken, ham and leek pie ever made. On Thursday, myself and G treated ourselves to dinner at The Chequers pub in our local town. I've had this pie on several occasions and it just keeps getting better. 


After being wined and dined on Thursday, we popped in to Tesco on the way home to pick up a few bits. I always peruse the clothing section in Tesco (if you follow me on Instagram, you will be fully aware of how much I am in love with F&F clothing) and this time I found myself in the footwear section. I've really noticed how cold the house is getting and whilst I have the cosiest dressing gown to keep me warm, I'm afraid my feet have felt a little neglected. However, this all changed on Thursday night when I picked up the loveliest pair of grey boot slippers. They have been keeping my tootsies especially warm and snug! 

Autumn Landscapes

My drive to work is beautiful at the moment. A specatular display of tall trees, covered in red and orange leaves decorate each side of the road. I really want to capture the scene but driving whilst using your phone is extremely dangerous, and I don't fancy getting a fine. I really need to go for a little walk before the leaves are replaced by ice and muddy slush (eugh!). 


Over the past few weeks, I've felt like me and G are back to the beginning of our relationship. You know the honeymoon phase, where you're getting to know them, you want to spend all of your time with them and you see them through these great big pink heart shaped glasses? I'm not sure whether it's because I met more of G's family last week and as a result, felt more connected to him but I just feel like a giddy little teenager. Last night, we were being really silly with each other and it just felt...lovely, really lovely. 

Aaaaand that's a wrap! Ah, how lovely was that? Now it's over to you, how has your week been? Share your #wonderfulwednesday moments with myself and the rest of the gang* on Twitter

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What Do I Want to Be When I Am Older? | An Honest Answer

When I was around five years old, I was asked by my Nan what I wanted to be when I grew up. Apparently, my dream career at that young age was to work in Tesco on the checkout. By age eight, I had swapped scanning groceries for teaching children and when I finally reached secondary school, I had conjured up a range of different answers for the same terrifying question. From dancer to photographer, script writer to flight attendant, it was clear that I didn't have a clue what I wanted to do when I left school. Now, aged 21, having completed my GCSE's and A Levels and been employed at three different companies, I still fail to give an honest answer. 

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There is so much pressure in society to sort your life out at the age of 18. Why are we being forced to make such a life changing decision at such an early stage in our lives?

Over the past year, I've really been trying to find my calling in life. However, no matter how hard I try to come up with a plan or how many times I look on a job site, I'm still uninspired. 

Last week, I let out all my negative feelings in a draft post - how I felt pressured to make a decision, how I felt unmotivated, exhausted and pissed off at my lack of career aspiration.

"Then I look at myself - an unmotivated 21 year old who gets bored very easily, a girl who has no career plan and no idea where she'll end up in the next three years. Am I supposed to just wait for an epiphany?"

Half way through writing the post, I started to feel a weight lift from my shoulders. I let out a sigh of relief, as if a little rant was all that I needed. Those paragraphs, written in a state of confusion and negativity, made me see clearly and think positively. I guess, in a way, writing that post was my epiphany. It made me realise that it's okay to not have a career plan, it's okay to not have an idea of what you want to be or where you want to end up.

For me, life isn't all about work. It isn't about getting a degree and climbing the career ladder. It's about having fun, being happy, going on adventures and spending time with loved ones.

'Nobody on his deathbed ever said, "I wish I had spent more time at the office."'

- Paul Tsongas 

What do I want to be when I grow up?  

I want to be on a plane travelling to a new destination. I want to be sitting in an arena, watching my favourite artist on stage. I want to be behind the camera, capturing a beautiful sunrise. I want to be at a dinner table, surrounded by my family. I want to be in bed on a Sunday morning, wrapped in my partners arms. I want to be laying out carrots and mince pies on Christmas Eve with my children. I want to be cooking up a storm in my own kitchen.

Happiness, health and balance - those are my life ambitions, my aspirations, my honest answer.

Do you know what you want to do in life? Do you feel pressured to make a decision? What are your life ambitions? I'd love to hear your thoughts, comment below or tweet me - I'm @eleanoraustin

Wonderful Wednesday #6

Is it that time again already?! I know, I know. I've mentioned time again but seriously, it just goes so fast! So in true time fashion, let's just jump straight to it, shall we?

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I've really upped my game this year when it comes to reading. I'm picking up my books before work, on my lunch break, before I go to sleep, and on the weekends in an attempt to get through as many as possible before we see in the new year. On Saturday afternoon, I plonked myself on the sofa and delved deep in to the Goblet of Fire, drawing out tales of the wizarding world as the blue sky slowly faded to black. If I ever have children, I'd want them to take on my love of reading and be able to find peace in settling down with a good book. 

A Suited and Booted G 

This is a little bittersweet but I guess that's kind of what these Wonderful Wednesday's are all about? Being able to find the good in the not so good, the spectacular in the mundane. Yesterday, I acompanied G to his Grandad's funeral. It was the first time I had seen G in a suit, a proper suit. Jacket, tie, shirt, the works. When I first met G, he lived in jogging bottoms and this mariners baseball jersey thing, so it came as quite a shock to see how smart (and handsome) he could actually look. 

Theraputic Writing 

If you follow me on Twitter, you may have seen my mini thread about a post I'm currently writing. I've been feeling really confused and disheartened about not knowing what I want to do with my life and thought that if I wrote a blog post about it, a little angel would come along and give me some words of wisdom. I aggressively typed all of my negative feelings on to a blank screen and felt instant relief. Amongst my pessimistic words, I found positivity. Sometimes when you can't find a solution or are struggling to get your head around things, the best thing you can do is put pen to paper and just let it all out - spelling mistakes and all! 

Very short and sweet this week! How has your week been? Don't forget to share your #wonderfulwednesday moments with myself and the rest of the gang* on Twitter

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Wonderful Wednesday #5

I can't believe it's Wednesday already! I know I say this a LOT but time seriously is just whizzing by me. I wake up on Monday morning, full of back to work blues, I blink and then suddenly it's the weekend again. Is this what growing old is all about?

Luckily, I've had some wonderful moments in the week to counteract those Monday blues. Let's get to it!

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Misty Mornings

Yesterday, I woke to find a thick grey sheet blocking the view outside my bedroom window. It was still there as I drove to work, trying desperately to keep the sun away from those sitting in traffic. There is something so comforting about misty mornings, it makes me feel all...snuggly. 

Roast Dinner 

It wouldn't be a #wonderfulwednesday without mentioning food now would it?! On Sunday, G and I went to The Red Lion in Welwyn for our monthly dinner date. As it was a Sunday, I opted for a Sunday roast (chicken, of course). Oh my goodness. It was amazing. The chicken was on the bone, which I don't really like because, well it's effort isn't it? Trying to dodge all the bones to find the best bits. However, I didn't really mind because it tasted delightful. The potatoes were crunchy on the outside and fluffy on the inside, the yorkshire pudding soaked up the gravy perfectly and the carrots, UH don't even get me started on the carrots. SCRUMPTIOUS. 

An Evening Outing

Yesterday after work, myself and G hopped on the train to London to do a spot of suit jacket shopping in Oxford Circus. Once the suit jacket had been found, G took me to Five Guys (he knows how to spoil a girl)...(no seriously, £30 for a posh burger and fries #spoiltrotten). Anyho, even though we were only in London for a few hours, it was nice to do something that didn't involve binge watching Homeland in bed. Oxford Circus looked sooo lovely at night and mixed with the cool air, it really did feel Christmassy! Too soon?

Getting Organised 

*Warning the C bomb will be dropped in this next paragraph and no it's not the rude one*

At the weekend, I took myself on a little outing to St Albans. It is one of my favourite places to have a mooch and whilst I was there, I picked out a few *boom* Christmas present ideas for my nearest and dearest. I feel SO organised this year and have started the big list of what I'm getting everyone. Technically, I'm allowed to start planning for Christmas because I've sorted out my Halloween outfit already...or at least that's what I'm telling myself. 

That's all for this week! How has your week been? Don't forget to share your #wonderfulwednesday moments with myself and the rest of the gang* on Twitter

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Wonderful Wednesday #4

Happy Wednesday to you all! I hope you are well and are adjusting to the colder weather!

I have settled in very nicely to the new season, donning my pyjamas as quickly as possible when I come home from work, curling up in bed or on the sofa and indulging in a chocolate treat or two (okay twenty).

The past week has been a bit of a mixture - good, bad, sad and exciting - but in a bid to try and make myself feel a little better, I'm rounding up all the things that have been making my heart flutter, my lips curve and my eyes sparkle...


Bubble Baths

On my way home last week, I stopped off at Sainsburys to get some new deodorant (oh the excitement) and amid the overpriced bottles of freshness, I spotted some bath soak on offer. I'd never seen nor heard of the brand before but the packaging was cute and it mentioned sea minerals so I popped a bottle in my basket!

That night, instead of jumping straight into bed, I had a bubble bath and read my book. It was sehr relaxing and I loved every minute of it. I think I'm going to attempt to have a bubble bath once a week. My shoulders, neck and throat have felt so tense and swollen lately, I have a feeling it's stress/worry/what am I doing with my life related so I'm hoping a bubble bath will help relax my muscles and relieve the tension.

30% off at Dorothy Perkins

For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to own a fluffy gilet but could never find one I liked. Whilst in town on Saturday, I popped in to Dorothy Perkins after spotting their 30% off sign in the window. I picked up a few tops and was heading to the changing rooms when I spotted this fluffy little number hanging in the petite section. After snapping a pic in the changing rooms and consulting the girls via whatsapp, I decided that I just had to get it! Thank you Dotty P's for your wonderful discount.


On Monday evening I finished Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. I have all of the HP books and am making it my mission to finish them before New Year (I'm one of those terrible people who has only seen the films). I love getting lost in the magical wizarding world!

Toad in the Hole

Ahhhhhhhhhhh my favourite dish of all time. Big fat sausages nestled in a giant yorkshire, accompanied by parsnips, carrots, sweetcorn and a large helping of gravy. Please G, can I have some more?

Paying off our NYC trip

Okay, so it's not *quite* payed off but I have put money towards the trip this month! It's a massive achievement for me because well, you know how some people have money and some people don't? Yeah, I don't have a lot and always feel bad because G pays for everything. However, I am paying for my part of the trip and it feels so good to be able to contribute.

That's all for this week folks! How has your week been? Don't forget to share your #wonderfulwednesday moments with myself and the rest of the gang* on Twitter

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