Wonderful Wednesday

Wonderful Wednesday
Wonderful Wednesday






As some of you may know, I lost my darling Nan last December. Although we spent Christmas without her last year, I didn't have time to process it all as everything happened so quickly. This year, I've really been thinking about the fact that she won't be here.

My Nan absolutely loved Christmas and for a few months, I felt that there wasn't any point in celebrating Christmas because the one person who loved it, wouldn't be here to celebrate with us.

It has taken me a while but I've slowly found my festive spirit. I've nearly finished my Christmas shopping, I've visited a Christmas market, and this morning, I woke up to a beautiful blanket of snow outside. If snow doesn't get you in the mood for Christmas then what will?! 

I found a small white feather on my car yesterday, which if you believe in these kinds of things like I do, symbolises someone is watching over you. I have no doubt that it was a sign from my Nan, letting me know that she is still with us in some way and telling me to just suck it up and enjoy myself.

At the beginning of this year, I was planning on spending the big day in my pyjamas eating pizza with G; I thought I'd never find my festive spirit yet here I am, listening to my Christmas playlist, searching for a festive outfit, and contemplating wrapping some presents.

This time of year can be really hard for those who have nobody to spend Christmas with, I'm going to count myself lucky that I still have such wonderful family members to spend it with and hope that my beautiful Nan is watching over us all.


Good morning and happy hump day! I've just had THE most amazing shower. You know when you wake up and just know you'll have to jump straight in the shower because it's so damn cold? Well that's what I did this morning and now I feel all warm and soft, and I smell like oranges (yaaas Sanctuary Spa). 

Anyho, shall we get on with it?

Mother and Daughter Day

I was lucky enough to be given Monday off of work. I spent the morning cleaning and tidying, then joined my Mum on her Christmas shopping spree.

It's been a while since we've spent a day together and I rather enjoyed myself. 

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

I told myself I wasn't going to join in on the hype. I ignored the tweets on my time line. I tried to convince myself that I was a grown adult and I didn't need to relive my teenage years spent playing on my pink Nintendo.

However, on Sunday evening, I gave in and downloaded Animal Crossing Pocket Camp and now I've found myself in a pocket camp hole and to be honest, I'm loving life. I mean who doesn't love catching fish, collecting shells, and giving away peaches to animals you've just met?


Happy hump day! It's half six in the morning and I'm all warm and snuggly in bed, preparing for the cold air to hit me as soon as I peel back the covers. 

I love mornings throughout Autumn and Winter. They may be dark and cold at first but that can quickly change with a warm glow of a lamp and the soft touch of a dressing gown. It's the little things right? 

Shall we? 

Noticing a difference

I've only been going to the gym for about four weeks or so but I'm already noticing a difference, both physically and mentally.

Physically, my stomach looks flatter, my hips aren't as wide, my face is getting thinner and my clothes are fitting better.

Mentally, I don't feel as sluggish and apart from a few hormones making me super emotional, I feel okay. I've started using the gym as a way to let off steam, if I've had a tough day at work or if someone has put me in a bad mood, a quick dash to the gym soon sorts me out.

Another new read

Some books I pick up and it takes me forever to finish them. Other books, I pick up and before I know it I'm 400 pages deep. This happened to me on Sunday when I started 'Rattle'. I have just under 200 pages left and I can't wait to see what happens! If you like all things crime, serial killer-y, and kidnap-y, then Rattle is the book for you!


I've talked quite a lot on Blooming El about gratitude and how important I think it is. These Wonderful Wednesday posts are just one way I practise gratitude and whilst I normally post things that have made me happy so far during the week, I think being grateful for those small things is just as important.

On Sunday, I was walking to the gym and I was absolutely freezing. I thought to myself 'at least I have a coat'. I then thought 'and at least I have a warm home to return to'. It doesn't take a lot to practise gratitude and it doesn't matter whether you think, write, draw, or speak out loud what you are grateful for.

This week, I'm taking it back to basics and sharing with you those little things that I am grateful for lately...

A hot shower after exercising. • A comfortable bed to rest my head and a duvet to keep me warm as the temperature drops. • Vegetables with a dollop of butter mixed through them. • Being able to read and write. • Having good hearing and being able to enjoy lots of different music. • Spending time with family, both those I see regularly and not very often. • Being in a room full of people who have all experienced the same thing as you and knowing that you are never alone. • Having a partner who loves, respects, and cares for you. • Having someone to love, respect and care for. • Meeting new people and getting on well with them. • Working, earning money, and being able to afford nice things. • Treating others and being treated. • Exploring new cities and planning future adventures. • Being able to walk. • Beautiful sunrises and sunsets. • Good health. • Having a platform to share my thoughts.  • Getting lost in a book.

There we have it, the little things I've been grateful for recently. For more happy things and special moments, hop on over to the #wonderfulwednesday posts of the rest of the wonder women*. If you want to join in yourself, share your lovely little moments with us on Twitter!


Good morning campers, how are you all?

I've written and deleted this introduction about three times now, so I'm just going to crack on with the good stuff! 

Hot Chocolate 

I very rarely drink hot drinks but I couldn't resist a hot chocolate from Starbucks over the weekend. Served in a festive cup with whipped cream on top, it was the perfect little drink to warm me up!

Feeling Frosty 

As an Autumn/Winter baby, the cold weather really pleases my little soul. I'm finding myself reaching for a jumper when I get ready for work and I had to de-ice my car for the first time the other day. Whilst this may annoy most people, I bloody love it. 


Happy hump day! This week is just whizzing on by, much like this year! I can't believe it's November already. I feel like I'm constantly repeating myself but this year has just gone so quickly, before we know it we'll be welcoming a brand new one! 

For now though, I'm just looking forward to the end of this week. G finally has a weekend off, so we're going to Bath to start our Christmas shopping. G has worked solidly for nine days and I volunteered to work late everyday this week, so a weekend eating food and trying to get in the festive spirit seems like the perfect reward! 

Shall we? 

Blankets Blankets Blankets 

As the temperature seems to have dropped dramatically over the past few days, I've needed extra layers to keep me extra toasty in bed. 

Thank goodness for blankets. Big, fluffy, colourful blankets that keep my tootsies warm. 

George Michael ft. Myself and G 

On Monday night, myself and G had a little sing along to George Michael's Careless Whisper on our drive home. It was loud and super cheesy but those two tiny minutes made my little heart sing (pun most definitely intended). 


*sneaks back in after missing last week*

I know I talk a lot about how time flies but I can't believe that this is the last #wonderfulwednesday of October! It's just mad, this year has flown by!

The clocks will be going back soon and whilst Autumn and Winter are my favourite times of year, I have to say I'm not loving the dark mornings. The lack of light makes it even harder to get out of bed during the week.

However, whilst our mornings may be dark, and our years may be quick, there's lots of tiny things that make our days brighter. Here's mine from this week...

Travel Plans

G and I can't resist a little holiday and once we're back from one, we're thinking about the next.

Our priority for next year is still getting our own place but we would like to be able to explore somewhere new. On Monday night, we compiled a list of places we've been and places we want to go. We're not sure when we'll be able to tick them all off but it's nice to have something to focus on!

Being Brave

If you've read my latest catch up post, you'll know that I joined the gym! It was a very scary thing for me to do but I'm glad I did it and hope that it'll be somewhere I go quite frequently.


At last, the weekend is here and boy am I glad to see it! I spent the morning catching up on The X Factor (I know, I know, I'm awful), before finally peeling myself away from my duvet and heading in to town. 

I haven't been feeling my most body-confident lately, not that I ever really have been body confident, but over the last month I've been debating whether to join a gym, as my exercise regime is pretty much non-existent. G is a member of a gym and has been nagging me (in a good way) over the last two days to grab a day pass and just try it out. 

I panicked and cried but I put on my joggers and tip-toed in to the gym at about 9 o'clock yesterday evening. I honestly don't know what I was so worried about! I'll probably only go around three or four times a week and I won't be using more than three machines but it's a lot more than I'd usually be doing, so that can only be a good thing! 

hertfordshire day out

So yeah, the reason I popped in to town was to grab a few tops and a pair of leggings because I am officially a gym-goer! (Let's see how long that lasts).

There's so much Christmas stuff in the shops already and normally I'd be getting excited about it but I'm just not feeling it this year. My Nan absolutely loved Christmas and would make such a big deal out of it and I guess I'm just feeling like what's the point? The one person who loved all the festivities isn't here to celebrate with us. I'm sure I'll change my mind by the time I start doing some Christmas shopping and my Mum buys the first tin of Heroes.  


NUMBER 50! A big FIVE ZERO. How the bloody hell did that happen? 

I'm so glad I got involved with #wonderfulwednesday. When I first started reading blogs, I admired Sally (aka. the queen, the OG, the brains and beauty behind all things wonderful) for her way with words and how she could turn the simplest of things in to something worth celebrating. 

About three years ago, I started to practise gratitude daily, both mentally and physically, making a note of everything I was grateful for. When I saw that others started to join Sally and get involved with #wonderfulwednesday, celebrating the small parts of their days that made them smile, it felt only right that I became a wonder woman too. 

Here we are, 50 posts later and there's still SO much to celebrate. Shall we crack on? (10 points for anyone who can tell me the strong theme in this week's post). 

Homemade Mac n' Cheese

I'm not going to lie, I was slightly repulsed at the amount of cheese I had to put in the sauce but once I'd mixed it in with the pasta, smoked pancetta, and shoved it under the grill, that 'there's-far-too-much-cheese-in-this-and-it's-kinda-gross' feeling soon vanished! 

Mac n' Cheese is one of my favourite dishes (when it's already made for me and I don't see what actually goes in it) and I'm pretty damn good at making it from scratch (I'm sure G will back me up on this). 

Served alongside some garlic and rosemary flatbread, it was the perfect dish for a Sunday evening! 

American TV Series'

Designated Survivor and How to Get Away with Murder are finally back on our screens and I couldn't be more excited. Now that we're in Autumn and the air is that little bit cooler, they are the perfect accompaniment to a cosy night in! 



Having stopped off in Walsall on Sunday night, our little lodge was only an hour and a half away. However, we couldn't check-in till 4pm. We ate breakfast, read a few chapters of our books, then hopped in the car and drove to Newtown.

Newtown is the closest town to Slate House Lodges. It's not very big and only has a handful of shops but it passed the time! After a quick lunch stop in Greggs, it was time to do the big shop!

I was quite surprised to find not one, but three large supermarkets. We opted for Tesco (got to rack up those clubcard points!) and picked up WAY too much food for the week.

After a few country lanes, several steep hills, and one large gravelly track, we finally arrived at our lodge and what a BEAUTIFUL lodge it was. We unpacked our shopping, hung up our clothes, and quickly settled in to our temporary home. 

wales lodge accommodation

self catering accommodation wales


It's Wednesday morning and I'm tip-tapping away on my phone to bring you all of my wonderful moments so far this week. 

This week I'm bringing you my wonderful list from the very beautiful Powys, as myself and G are having some well deserved R&R in the MOST beautiful lodge. 

Shall we?

Peace and Quiet 

No police sirens, no barking dogs, no children screaming at their parents, just the gentle rustling of the trees and not much else! 

It's so quiet here and I love it.

Eating with G

Back home, I only get to have dinner with G on the days he's off from work. I've really enjoyed being able to have breakfast, lunch, and dinner with him whilst on holiday. 

Last night we made tacos together and it was just really lovely.   


I love staycations, especially ones that involve escaping to a lodge in the middle of the countryside for a few nights. Myself and G are returning to Wales tomorrow, we've booked a lodge through Hoseasons and will be treating ourselves to some well deserved R&R.

I thought I'd put together a little post to show you what we'll be taking with us and share a few pictures from our last trip to the Welsh countryside!

A lot of the items are more suited to self-catering accommodation but I'm sure you could slip a few things in your suitcase if you're staying at a hotel or B&B. 

staycation wales


The UK isn't exactly known for its hot temperatures and gloriously sunny days (although we do have them). I use a blanket at home, whenever I'm chilling on the sofa or as an extra layer in bed, so it'd be silly not to pack one!


Autumn/Winter staycations provide the perfect opportunity to work through all those unread books on your shelf. Whether you read a chapter in your private hot tub, or a whole book snuggled up on the sofa, you'll soon smash your to-read list.

I normally take two or three with me, I like options when it comes to reading! 


Well I'm chuffed that Tuesday is over. I've had a manic day, even my computer was screaming at me by the end of it. I say screaming, it actually froze and wouldn't let me do anything, so I had to restart it and pray I didn't lose my work. Luckily I didn't and now I'm home, an hour late, tip-tapping away as fast as I can because I really don't want to spend another second staring at a computer screen. 

Negatives aside, this #wonderfulwednesday is all about happy things! 


That one, up there, it's a pretty little sight isn't it?

As soon as I got home from work yesterday, I skipped on upstairs to get changed in to my pyjamas and was greeted by a gorgeous mix of blues and yellows outside my bedroom window. 

Escaping the Office 

Staring at a computer screen for eight hours can be extremely draining. Our office is based in an industrial area but luckily, a little park is only a two minute walk away and offers me that little bit of peace on my lunch break.

A breath of fresh air, a quick jiggle of the legs, and a chapter of my book soon gets my mojo back!


This is me. Eleanor, El, Eles, Elzbellz, Mole.

uk lifestyle blog blooming el

I'm kind, generous, and positive. I'm paranoid, lazy, and impatient. I worry, a lot. I swear constantly. I'm a better listener than I am a talker. I like my music loud. I like staying in and lounging on the sofa. I'm creative. I'm textbook smart but have no common sense. 

I still sing and dance in my bedroom like I did 15 years ago. If I could live in pyjamas, I definitely would. I like going for walks and discovering new places. I've watched Hollyoaks religiously since I was about 10 and will most likely continue watching it till I'm well over 40.


Happy hump day! This week is just whizzing by, I can't believe it's time to celebrate the small things already! 

It's still all go go go at work at the minute. I've offered to work in the evenings and at the weekend because we have SO much to do before I head to Wales in a few weeks. I'd rather limit the amount of work I have to worry about whilst I'm supposed to be relaxing!

I'm enjoying the little signs of Autumn still and I can't wait till all the trees are orange, it's just such a pretty time of year! 

Shall we see what else I've been enjoying so far this week? 

uk lifestyle blog blooming el


I had sent a video to one of my best pals Christine, showing off my photos from my photo shoot with Kaye, Christine then replied with a reaction video, to which I said 'I feel like we should facetime' and so we did! (By facetime, I mean Whatsapp video call). 

We hadn't facetimed since we were about 16, so it was pretty fab and took me right back to my teenage years!

Photo Shoot

If you've seen my latest post on Instagram, you'd know that I had my first photo shoot with Kaye on Sunday.

I was super nervous but Kaye soon put me at ease and we were done within half an hour! I'm really pleased with the photos and can't wait to show you the rest of them!


I think I have a problem guys. I'm a Wine and Crime podcast addict. I just can't stop listening. SO GOOD. 

I'm actually listening to an episode now, whilst waiting for Hollyoaks to come on the old box.

Anyho, how have you lot been? Are you having a fabulous September so far? I feel like it's already going so quickly, like we'll be halfway through the month before the end of the week, CRAZY. 

Shall we crack on with the you know what? 

A Forgotten Jumper

I'm having some photos taken by Kaye at the weekend and have been umming and ahhing about what to wear.

My style is much more suited to Autumn and Winter (no crop tops and denim shorts in my wardrobe) so I'd decided I'd like to wear a jumper of some sort, the one I originally had in mind is very plain and as a girl who loves floral patterns and embroidery, I felt I should find something a little more...me. 

I had a little rummage through my drawer and stumbled upon this little number, I'd completely forgotten about it (isn't it great when you find clothes that you forgot you had or thought you'd lost?!) and did a little dance when I realised it combined my two favourite things - jumpers and embroidery!

After Work Walks

I've been keeping up with my little goal of walking as often as possible before it gets dark! I've only been visiting the local lakes for a quick stroll after work but it's enough time to listen to an episode of Wine and Crime and is better than going straight home to pig out on the sofa! 


Back in April, I was lucky enough to win tickets to a Foodies Festival of my choice. I hadn't heard of Foodies Festival before and after perusing their website, I thought it'd be nice to visit the one in South Park, Oxford. I had originally planned for me and G to make a weekend of it but unfortunately, he couldn't get annual leave for the whole weekend! 

The Foodies Festival in Oxford ran from Friday 1st September to Sunday 3rd but we decided to go on the Saturday!

foodies festival in oxford at south park


Hello and happy September! I hope you've had a lovely start to the new month. I feel like just skipping to the good bits today, let's get to it!

A Sunday Stroll 

Sunday was the first proper lie-in I've had in a while and although I absolutely loved the feeling of being wrapped up in my duvet, I actually got up and made the most of my day! Well most of the afternoon anyway...

I hopped out of bed after watching The X Factor on catch-up (every year I tell myself I'm not going to watch it and every year I fail), pottered around the house, then took myself off for a little walk. I haven't been feeling my best lately (in terms of health and body image), so I'm going to try to squeeze as much walking in as I can on the weekends and before it gets super dark after work!

The Best Sausage EVER

Get your mind out of the gutter you filthy animals.

At the Foodies Festival on Saturday, there were a few stalls handing out little samples. One stall had small bits of cooked sausage on offer, I grabbed a cocktail stick and picked the most burnt bit I could find (my fave) and OH MY, it was so delicious. Even G, who never eats sausage because he's afraid of the gristle, said it tasted good, so good in fact he went back for a second sample!


Dear Year 7's

You are about to embark on the biggest and, most probably, the scariest journey of your life. Okay, that may be a little dramatic on my part but secondary school is a big deal. Not as big of a deal as your wedding day, your first proper wage, or your first child but it's still a pretty big change in your life and one that you should look forward to, no matter how scary it may seem. 

I'm not here to tell you that you should knuckle down and work hard in preparation for your GCSE's. I'm not here to tell you to remember your pencil case and every bit of your PE kit (even though all of the above are very important). I'm here to tell you something much more valuable (in my opinion, anyway). 


We're so close guys, just one more day (two if you want to count today) then it's September! Can you Adam and Eve it?! 

I thought we'd seen the last of the summer weather and I was getting myself all ready for cosy clothes and chilly evenings spent watching films, then BAM! The sun showed it's little face again. I'm glad we had beautiful weather on a bank holiday weekend (because it NEVER happens) but I'd just started wearing ankle boots and I kind of don't want to stop wearing them till March now. 

ANYHO, shall we? 

A Day with Sam

My brother is home for two weeks and as I had Monday off, I thought I'd spend some time with him. We did a little bit of shopping in St Albans, had a spot of lunch, then went to Hitchin for a little mooch and some ice cream. 

Sam can really get on my nerves at times but I'm glad that we could spend the day together and actually get along!

Girls Night

I met up with my friends Christine and Georgie on Saturday, we had a mooch around our new Debenhams store and drank milkshakes in Patisserie Valerie. Christine then persuaded me to go out that night. I don't drink (well I might have a cider at Christmas) and I much prefer to stay in, I'm a bit of a home bird you see. 

However, as it was Christine's birthday weekend, I thought I better have a little drink with them! I hadn't been 'out out' in so long and whilst we only chilled at a pub for a few hours, it was still lovely and I'm glad I ventured out of my comfort zone.


Boy am I glad to be home. I've spent most of the day sitting down, trying to supervise fourteen children (who get bored very easily) yet I managed to come home sweating and feeling like I'd been running around all day. How, I don't know. 

I quickly got changed, then headed down to our new Debenhams store for a little preview. It opens officially on Thursday and I just know I'll be spending a lot of time in the homeware section. I've already spied a few pillows and throws I like...nice presents for our bedroom, not so nice for our bank account!

Shall we get on with the wonderful? 

New Pyjamas

I'm not sure what the EXACT conversation was between me and G on Sunday night but it went something like this...

G: 'What am I going to do with you?'
Me: 'You're going to buy me nice pyjamas and a big chocolate fudge cake'.

I came home on Monday to find a brand new pair of pyjamas waiting for me and a slice of fudge cake in the fridge. I know I was only messing about but bless G's little heart. The pyjama bottoms have pockets and the cake was delightful. 10 points to the G man. 

Girl Gang Chat

I have been looking out for a Girl Gang chat for ages but there didn't seem to be any on (unless I just missed them completely).

On Monday, I was scrolling through twitter before dinner and I saw that there was a Girl Gang chat all about Autumn. I hit #thegirlgang hashtag and got stuck right in.


As some of you may know, I lost my Nanny Shelagh in December last year. Even though my Nan was ill, her passing came as a massive shock. You just assume that someone will get better, that they'll get the help they need and be right as rain in no time. Unfortunately, life isn't like a fairytale and sometimes happy endings are hard to come by.

I've already shared my thoughts on grief and even now, five months on, I'm still on that rollercoaster. The track is evening out a little and I've been blessed with sunshine a few times.

I was listening to 'Taking Chances' by Celine Dion a few nights back and it reminded me of being in my Nan's car, singing along to Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, and Mariah Carey. I started thinking about all the little things my Nan used to do, the small things that I now miss. So today, I'm sharing some of them with you...


I didn't skip a Wonderful Wednesday, Blogger just decided to delete #41. The temptation to switch to Squarespace or Wordpress gets stronger every day. 

Maybe I'll do some website research on Friday...when I'm at home...on my day off. YES LADIES AND GENTS, THAT'S RIGHT I HAVE A THREE DAY WEEKEND. Can I get a HELL YEAH? I cannot wait. 

Shall we get on with the wonderful? 

Billy Ray Cyrus

Whenever my brother gets in my car, he snaps up the aux cable and torments me with his music. However, I was pleasantly surprised this week when he started playing 'Achy Breaky Heart' by Billy Ray Cyrus. We had a little jam in the car and I loved every minute of it.

Dinner with a View

It's been ages since myself and G have had a day or evening off together but we always like to have at least one date night a month.

As we've been to SO many food places, I asked my Dad for recommendations and he suggested The Three Lakes at Westmill Farm. The view was gorgeous and the food was superb! I'll definitely be heading back there soon!


A bottom drawer, for those of you who don't know, is a place where you keep everything for your future. It used to be a place for women to store household linen for their future marriage. I've had one since I met G and that was four years ago, what used to be a bottom drawer has now turned in to a bottom closet! 

We have plastic boxes upon plastic boxes and they're getting so high that it's limiting the amount of clothes we can hang on the rail. I cannot wait till we have our own place and I can finally get some wardrobe space back! 

I thought I'd share with you my top 5 tips for keeping a bottom drawer, just in case you're thinking of starting one...

1. Leave the Big Items Till Last 

I feel like this is an obvious one but unless your bottom drawer (or closet) is the size of a garage, you probably want to save the microwaves and sofas till last. Get all the little bits out of the way, then once you've found a place, you can measure everything properly and start searching for the perfect three piece suite! 

2. Keep an Inventory 

There has been several occasions where I've said to G 'oo let's get this, we haven't got one' to which he's replied 'babe, we bought one of those ages ago'. Memory like a sieve, I tell ya. 

To stop more events like this happening, I put together a little inventory. It's on Google Sheets so I can access it wherever I am. I split it in to rooms as I felt this was the easiest way to keep a track of things. We can now see what we've bought and what we need to buy!

I did create an inventory template but I'm not a computer whizz and couldn't work out the best way to share it with you all. If you'd like a copy, just get in touch and I'll send it across!


How am I on number 40 of these posts already?! It feels like only yesterday that I joined the #wonderfulwednesday crew, oh how time flies when you're celebrating the small things! 

 Happy August guys! (I know, I can't believe it either). Shall we get to it? YEAH LETS. 

gratitude practise blooming el

Surprise Bargains

I spotted this jumper on the New Look website a few weeks ago but it wasn't available in my size.

On Sunday, I popped in to town for a little mooch and among the New Look sale rails, I found the jumper! It was the only one left, it was in my size AND the label said it was £10 but when I got to the till it was only £6, absolute bargain!

I'm thinking the jumper would be perfect for our little Welsh retreat at the beginning of October. I'm also after a new raincoat come parka come warm coat, so if you have any recommendations please send them my way! 

Being Organised

If you follow me on Instagram, you'd know that I spent most of my weekend sorting through everything myself and G have bought for our future home.

I took everything out of our closet, took photos and made a note of each item in a cute little spreadsheet. I was surprised at how much stuff we actually have, it really is only the big stuff left!

It was a tiring job and I wish I had done it sooner but at least I know where we're at. Plus I won't be buying duplicates now!


I'm currently sat on my bed, listening to JP Cooper (absolute babe), the sun is bouncing off my open window and I'm whatsapping two of the best girls in the world (I'm looking at you Hopwood and Le Roux)

This is probably one of my favourite Wonderful Wednesday posts I've written and not because of what's in it but because I've thoroughly enjoyed writing it and everything else that is going on around me. 

Shall we #crackon? (I'm still not over the fact Love Island is finished). 

wonderful wednesday blooming el

A Good Sleep 

Oh my. I had the most amazing sleep on Saturday night. If you've seen my Instagram, you'd know that I've been working outside of my normal 9-5 and whilst I don't really do that much, it's still tiring. 

After work on Saturday, I chilled with G, watched a few episodes of Power (seriously, you need to start watching it), then we shut the blinds, closed the curtains and had the best nights sleep. I definitely needed it! 

The Sky 

This week, I realised that I really love taking photos of the sky, especially in the early evening. Every time I've looked up, or on my way home, the sky has just looked so bloomin' beautiful. 

Magic FM 

I'm a sucker for classic 80's and 90's tunes and Magic FM delivered the goods on Monday. I was alone in the office, which meant I had full control over what I listened to. Normally, we stick Capital on but the repeats get a little annoying after a while. I chose Magic and busted a few moves in my chair to Simple Minds and Mariah Carey. 


Good morning! I am currently laying in bed, waiting to get up for work and finishing off this week's wonderful list. 

There seems to be a heavy weather theme this week! Shall we crack on? 

A Beautiful Sunset 

For the next two months or so, I will be working occasional nights and weekends to complete some of our filming in time for September. I enjoy being on shoots but giving up my Sunday was a bit of a struggle this week.

However, my hard work (I say hard work, I just sit there and shout lines at people if they get them wrong) was rewarded by the most BEAUTIFUL sunset on the way home from Henlow. The sun, a burnt orange, sat in the middle of a blue, pink, and purple sky. 

I am a little gutted that I couldn't snap a picture (the above photo was taken a few days before) but at the same time, it's quite nice that I can keep the image all to myself (and the rest of those on the motorway). 

R&B Party Starters

The above is the name of a station on Google Play Music and I am LOVING it. It features TLC, Ne-Yo, and my favourite jam on the playlist 'Give It to Me' by Nelly Furtado, Timbaland, and MR JT.


My first scrapbook was a large A3 book, with pages of multicoloured craft paper inside. I used it to document a Pontins trip that both of my Nans had taken me and my brother on. 

I tore pages from my journal and stuck them next to 6×4's that I had waited to be developed. I still have it and I pull it out of my crowded closet every now and then, just to take a look and remind myself of how times have changed. 

Memories are now recorded digitally. Instead of printing photos, you Instagram them. Instead of writing a journal, you tweet or write a blog post. 

scrapbooking for adults

When I got with G, I knew I wanted something to record our special moments. Something concrete, that couldn't accidentally be deleted. 

I bought a small scrapbook from Hobbycraft and gave it to him on our first Valentine's day. I filled it with song lyrics, letters and the odd receipt from date nights. 

Then, we got the travel bug and our memory scrapbook reached a whole new level!

Date night receipts turned in to boarding passes, love notes in to attraction tickets and song lyrics became souvenir coins. Gareth also started taking over the scrapbooking and I have to admit, he is much better at it than I am! 


I can't believe it's Wednesday already! I always feel that if I have plans at the weekend, the week seems to go just that little bit quicker. Does anyone else find this? 

How have you all been? What's been a'happening in your neck of the woods?

I have been feeling a little stressed this week. My shoulders are super tense from driving to Birmingham on Saturday and my eye has started twitching in the evening BUT there is plenty of good to outweigh the stressful, shall we? 

An Impromptu Picnic

On Sunday, whilst doing my weekly shop in Asda, I messaged my friend Georgie to see what she was up to for the day. We then arranged to meet and go for a little picnic! 

We spent the afternoon in Heartwood Forest, sat on top of the hill talking about relationships, friendships and future holidays and asking each other those VERY important life questions - Is popcorn the same as sweetcorn? 



I am so happy, like child-at-christmas-opening-new-toy kind of happy. I have been waiting for it to rain for so long. I just feel like it's been so #muggymike recently and I've been looking forward to the rain clearing the air a little.

All we need now is a little bit of thunder and I'll be one happy gal. 


Happy Wonderful Wednesday all! I cannot believe we're in July already, this year is just zooming by and it almost doesn't feel real. It's as if this year is just a quick rehearsal before the big show or it could be that we're having so much fun, the time is just flying by!

Anyway, shall we get down to business? 

uk lifestyle blog blooming el

Fresh Bread

You can't beat a slice of fresh bread can you? I enjoyed a large slice, coated in butter before my dinner yesterday and it was SO good. I may have helped myself to another slice after dinner too...

Being Productive

Even though I didn't get out of my bed till 1 o'clock on Sunday, I ended up being super productive. I cleaned the house from top to bottom, did a pretty big food shop, read AND commented on some blog posts and wrote a few of my own too! It felt really good to actually do something with my day...well what was left of it!


On Saturday, myself and G went to see Top Gun at Chesfield Downs. It was the first time Chesfield Downs had put on an open air cinema event and the first time that we'd been to one! 

The tickets were £12 each and included one soft drink and a bag of popcorn each. I thought it was a pretty sweet deal, considering it would cost you a lot more if you went to a standard chain cinema! 

We were one of the first couples to arrive, so we managed to bag ourselves a pretty decent spot right in the middle! 

We popped our picnic blanket down and made ourselves comfy (this included kicking our shoes off and using them as drink holders #geniusidea). 

The open air cinema was set on the driving range, with the screen centre stage, they had various food and drink options on either side. These included a Pimms and Prosecco stall, a bar, a BBQ and an ice cream van. I would have loved to have bought a big jug of Pimms but I doubt G would have enjoyed it much and plus, I was am always designated driver.


Our last full day in New York came around so quickly but with only a few things left to see, I think we'd managed to explore the city at a good pace. 

After breakfast, our first stop was the famous Flat Iron building. I think it's probably one of the best buildings in NYC, I'd definitely recommend taking a look if you're ever in the big apple!

blooming el travel blog post new york city


Blimey, is it that time already?! I had prepared a normal #wonderfulwednesday, then I realised it was the last Wednesday of the month and that I should be doing a juicy roundup of ALL the wonderful moments. 

Without further ado, I give you June's best bits...

wonderful wednesday blooming el

New York (and capturing that picture above)

I can't do a June roundup of wonderfulness without including New York now, can I?! We went at the beginning of the month and I've nearly finished my series of blog posts on the trip. We had such an awesome time and it'll be a trip that I'll always remember. 

The picture above is one of my favourite photos. I just feel like it captures every part of the city. 

Instagram Love

I had a little fan girl moment yesterday when Ellie Morag liked one of my photos. If you don't follow Ellie, she is a photographer based in Scotland and I ADORE her. Her work is awesome and her little instagram stories are so lovely! 


G and I ordered breakfast in bed the following morning, as we were super tired. New York City may be the city that never sleeps but we certainly needed to hit the hay!

After our slow morning, we walked The High Line. It used to be a railway track many moons ago, used for transporting cargo or something like that. Eventually, the cargo stopped coming so it was left derelict until some pretty cool guys came along and transformed it into a public walkway / park / sunbathing and event area.

new york high line

the high line america


Happy Wednesday all! How have you been? Hot? Sweaty? A bit huffy and puffy? Yep, me too. 

Whilst I've moaned about the heat constantly, I do have some happy bits to harp on about so let's get to it!

blooming el uk lifestyle blog

Fans Fans Fans

Well, it's just the one fan actually and it has been a LIFE SAVER during this heatwave.

New Hair

I got the chop and I'm actually really pleased with it! I wasn't expecting to go short when I booked the appointment but by the time it came around, I thought I needed a change! I loved having longish hair but when you don't do anything with it, it just kind of hangs there..looking all dull. 

Today is the first time I'm actually wearing my hair down. I've been sticking it up in buns and ponytails to try to keep cool! #whenwillthisend


Wow. I didn't realise I had SO much NYC stuff to talk about. After drafting one big ol' bulky post, I decided that it was far too long and thought I'd split it into sections. I'll also put together a little NYC tips and tricks style post but for now, here's what we did in New York on days 1 and 2!

If you've read my 'What I'm Looking Forward To' post, you would know that this wasn't my first time in New York. I actually visited the city four years ago as part of a school trip. Although I had fun the first time round, this time was definitely better! 

The weather was beautiful, blue skies all round (well eventually - we did have to endure one very cloudy can't-see-the-skyscrapers kind of day!) and I enjoyed sharing the city with G, my Mum and her partner Steve. 

uk lifetstyle blog blooming el

We arrived at JFK at about half 12 but didn't get to our hotel till three hours later *insert eye roll emoji here*. The traffic was an absolute nightmare, no wonder New Yorkers are constantly tooting their horns! 

Our hotel was really lovely and had those modern 'cosmo' kind of vibes throughout. We had a little rest, unpacked our stuff and then headed out in the early evening to Times Square for a bit of dinner.

We opted for Hard Rock Cafe purely because it was right in the centre of Times Square and we kind of knew what to expect. Once we'd stuffed our faces and the boys had tried a cocktail or two, we headed back to the hotel to get some rest for our first day in the big apple!


Happy hump day and more importantly, happy wonderful wednesday! How are you all? Are you keeping well? I feel like I'm finally on UK time after coming back from New York and have been waking up at my normal time which is fab!

Do you know what else is fab? Celebrating the small things in our week! Shall we? 

uk lifestyle wonderful wednesday post

Food Glorious Food

hot sausage and mustard! 

This week has been all about the food. From lunch with G to mexican with Georgie, two birthday dinners and a Saturday morning breakfast, I feel like I've eaten out A LOT recently. I'm not complaining though, in fact I'm already looking at mine and G's dining options for Friday evening. 


This show needs to be on all the time, or at LEAST twice a year because I just love it. G and I finished the new series of Orange is the New Black in two days and now we're a bit lost and unsure what to do with ourselves. 


Long time no speak! How are you all? Sorry I missed the last Wonderful Wednesday but I was busy exploring the city of New York.

We've been back in the UK since Sunday morning and whilst I'm still feeling a little on the tired side, I thought it'd be best to get back in to my #wonderfulwednesday routine sooner rather than later!

uk lifetstyle blog blooming el

Shake Shack

We lost our Shack Shack v cards whilst in America and I couldn't resist getting one before we flew home. Oh em gee, their burgers are the best, their milkshakes are beautiful and their fries are just bloody amazing. It's fast food that doesn't taste like typical fast food - what more could you want? 

My* Own Bed

Returning home on Sunday morning and slipping in to *our own bed was the best feeling ever. No matter how fancy your hotel is, or how cosy your cottage is, you can never beat your own bed at home. 


I'm currently in bed, listening to the birds chirping away, trying to put in to words how I feel about what happened on Monday and I can't. I just feel that at times like this it seems even more important to show gratitude, celebrate the small things, and find the beautiful amongst the wicked. 

Shall we?

uk lifestyle blog post wonderful wednesday

Lunch in the Sun 

Wasn't the weather bloomin' lovely on Monday?! I took advantage of the clear blue skies and drove to the local lakes on my lunch break. I went for a little walk then picked a spot on a hill and read my book in the sun.

I used to go for walks on my lunch break quite often but I tend to stop when it gets too cold. Now the weather is improving slightly, I think I might start heading out on my lunch breaks more frequently and if I'm honest with myself, I need the exercise!

A Spring Clean 

I finally tackled my closet (again) and put together another two bags for the charity shop. It always feels so good after you have a big clear out!


My first trip to New York was on my 18th birthday, I went with my psychology class on an 'educational' trip. I think we were supposed to be studying 'american culture' or something but I have a sneaky feeling the teacher's just wanted an excuse to do a hefty amount of shopping. 

There's not a lot of places I'd return to but as soon as I stepped off the plane, boarded the coach and saw the skyline, I knew it wasn't going to be my last time in New York and it isn't! In less than 10 days time, I'll be jetting off with G, my Mum and her partner Steve to explore the big apple once more.

New York City Skyline 

Here's why I'm looking forward to going back...


Going to New York the first time was fun (obviously, it's NYC!) but it was a school trip. It meant spending time with your classmates and your teachers and whilst that was great, it's not the same as sharing the experience with your nearest and dearest. As mentioned before, I'll be returning with G, my Mum and her partner Steve. This is the first time we'll be going away together and I'm so excited!


I've just found out that it's around 32 degrees in New York and it's put me in panic mode. I knew it would be warm when we go but I didn't think it would be THAT hot. Some of you will probably be thinking 'what the feck is she moaning about?!' but you know what, you didn't just spend three months buying clothes that would go with a pair of Nike's and a good ol' pair of jeans. 

I'm just going to have to use what I've got and pray that the temperatures don't go above 20 degrees when we get there. In the meantime, let's take a look on the brighter side of this week so far...

JP Cooper 

Oh be still my beating heart. You know how emoji's have names, well the eye heart emoji should be called JP Cooper's voice. Honestly, Passport Home can turn my frown upside down in seconds. 


Another sound that's been making me super happy, is the sound of rain. I was in bed, battling my tonsilitis, and out of nowhere it just started raining. It only lasted a few seconds but it was rather lovely and makes me want a conservatory even more. 
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