Wonderful Wednesday

Wonderful Wednesday
Wonderful Wednesday






Happy hump day! It's half six in the morning and I'm all warm and snuggly in bed, preparing for the cold air to hit me as soon as I peel back the covers. 

I love mornings throughout Autumn and Winter. They may be dark and cold at first but that can quickly change with a warm glow of a lamp and the soft touch of a dressing gown. It's the little things right? 

Shall we? 

Noticing a difference

I've only been going to the gym for about four weeks or so but I'm already noticing a difference, both physically and mentally.

Physically, my stomach looks flatter, my hips aren't as wide, my face is getting thinner and my clothes are fitting better.

Mentally, I don't feel as sluggish and apart from a few hormones making me super emotional, I feel okay. I've started using the gym as a way to let off steam, if I've had a tough day at work or if someone has put me in a bad mood, a quick dash to the gym soon sorts me out.

Another new read

Some books I pick up and it takes me forever to finish them. Other books, I pick up and before I know it I'm 400 pages deep. This happened to me on Sunday when I started 'Rattle'. I have just under 200 pages left and I can't wait to see what happens! If you like all things crime, serial killer-y, and kidnap-y, then Rattle is the book for you!


I've talked quite a lot on Blooming El about gratitude and how important I think it is. These Wonderful Wednesday posts are just one way I practise gratitude and whilst I normally post things that have made me happy so far during the week, I think being grateful for those small things is just as important.

On Sunday, I was walking to the gym and I was absolutely freezing. I thought to myself 'at least I have a coat'. I then thought 'and at least I have a warm home to return to'. It doesn't take a lot to practise gratitude and it doesn't matter whether you think, write, draw, or speak out loud what you are grateful for.

This week, I'm taking it back to basics and sharing with you those little things that I am grateful for lately...

A hot shower after exercising. • A comfortable bed to rest my head and a duvet to keep me warm as the temperature drops. • Vegetables with a dollop of butter mixed through them. • Being able to read and write. • Having good hearing and being able to enjoy lots of different music. • Spending time with family, both those I see regularly and not very often. • Being in a room full of people who have all experienced the same thing as you and knowing that you are never alone. • Having a partner who loves, respects, and cares for you. • Having someone to love, respect and care for. • Meeting new people and getting on well with them. • Working, earning money, and being able to afford nice things. • Treating others and being treated. • Exploring new cities and planning future adventures. • Being able to walk. • Beautiful sunrises and sunsets. • Good health. • Having a platform to share my thoughts.  • Getting lost in a book.

There we have it, the little things I've been grateful for recently. For more happy things and special moments, hop on over to the #wonderfulwednesday posts of the rest of the wonder women*. If you want to join in yourself, share your lovely little moments with us on Twitter!


Good morning campers, how are you all?

I've written and deleted this introduction about three times now, so I'm just going to crack on with the good stuff! 

Hot Chocolate 

I very rarely drink hot drinks but I couldn't resist a hot chocolate from Starbucks over the weekend. Served in a festive cup with whipped cream on top, it was the perfect little drink to warm me up!

Feeling Frosty 

As an Autumn/Winter baby, the cold weather really pleases my little soul. I'm finding myself reaching for a jumper when I get ready for work and I had to de-ice my car for the first time the other day. Whilst this may annoy most people, I bloody love it. 


Happy hump day! This week is just whizzing on by, much like this year! I can't believe it's November already. I feel like I'm constantly repeating myself but this year has just gone so quickly, before we know it we'll be welcoming a brand new one! 

For now though, I'm just looking forward to the end of this week. G finally has a weekend off, so we're going to Bath to start our Christmas shopping. G has worked solidly for nine days and I volunteered to work late everyday this week, so a weekend eating food and trying to get in the festive spirit seems like the perfect reward! 

Shall we? 

Blankets Blankets Blankets 

As the temperature seems to have dropped dramatically over the past few days, I've needed extra layers to keep me extra toasty in bed. 

Thank goodness for blankets. Big, fluffy, colourful blankets that keep my tootsies warm. 

George Michael ft. Myself and G 

On Monday night, myself and G had a little sing along to George Michael's Careless Whisper on our drive home. It was loud and super cheesy but those two tiny minutes made my little heart sing (pun most definitely intended). 

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