You want to know more do you? Good, you're a woman or man after my own nosey heart! 

My name is Eleanor and the words that grace this little internet space are my own. I live in Hertfordshire but have dreams of escaping my small town with my partner G and setting up camp in our own little humble abode. 

By day, I am a Marketing Assistant at a small company. By 5pm, I am likely to be in my pajamas, watching Hollyoaks with a Twirl bar in hand. 

Here are a few facts which you probably won't find interesting...

  • I spend far too much money on notebooks
  • I love travelling and discovering new places to conceive food babies
  • I have a bookshelf which is home to an uncountable number of unread books, yet I still buy more (send suggestions my way please!)
  • I hate tea and coffee
  • My favourite colour is blue
  • My bra size is HA yeah right
I think that's enough information for now. If you haven't finished being nosey, hunt me down on Twitter. If your 411 mission is complete, then stick around to read a blog post or two! 


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