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When I first saw the advert for Naked Attraction and heard the very familiar voice of Anna Richardson blast through my tv, I was excited. I'm a big fan of Anna and the previous television shows she has hosted - Supersize Vs. Superskinny and The Sex Education Show - so I couldn't wait to see what Naked Attraction had to offer. 

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Even though there was a little clue in the title, I had assumed that the programme would be a documentary style account of what people find attractive. Whether that be intelligence, a certain career type, a hobby or a quirk in their appearance. I thought we may see Anna on the streets of London stopping commuters and shoppers for a quick chat. Then maybe it would cut to someone in a lab coat who would give a more scientific perspective on the way our brains work and why we're attracted to certain things.

I was a little surprised when I sat down to watch the first episode and was greeted with an array of completely naked males and females, proudly displaying their genitalia as if they were works of art in the Tate Modern.

Curious to find out what Naked Attraction was really about, I continued to watch the first episode. Whilst I found it a little entertaining, a part of me felt like they had got it all wrong. The participants were choosing their date body part by body part and if they didn't like something, they would 'get rid' of them.

I gave the second episode a go but felt disheartened when a male 'rejected' a potential partner because of the shape of her toe. Yes that's right, her TOE.

The nitpicky nature of the show is what frustrates me. You wouldn't go on a first date, ask to see their belly button and then leave because it was an outty and you prefer an inny. So why is Naked Attraction acting like this kind of behaviour is okay? 

As a woman who has untoned arms, large saggy boobs and a stomach which could be compared to an off road rally track - I like to think I can still be classed as an attractive individual. Attractive because of my ideas, my intelligence, my humour, my smile, or my dimples. It made me wonder - what if I were stood in one of those brightly coloured pods, would I last till the end? Or would the shape of my toe put somebody off dating me?

In a society where there is so much pressure to look good, is Naked Attraction just adding fuel to the fire?

Have you been watching Naked Attraction? What are your thoughts on the programme? Do you think physical appearance is important? 

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