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Last Christmas, my Nan bought me an online creative writing course. I've always loved creative writing and English was one of my favourite subjects at school (until A Level Literature completely ruined me). 

One of my goals in life is to write a novel. A proper novel, front to back, beginning, middle and end - the real deal. However, I've always struggled when it comes to finishing a story and tend to waffle on throughout the middle of the plot, never reaching a conclusion. 

So, I'm setting myself a little challenge alongside my course. Once a month, I am going to write a piece of fiction and post it here on Blooming El. I've set myself a limit of 100 words and although it might not seem a lot, it puts pressure on me to find the right words and *hopefully* lowers my chances of waffling. 

These short pieces of fiction will allow my creative mindset to flourish, improve my writing ability and extend my vocabulary too. 

Without further ado, I present to you my first miniature piece of fiction... 


The Auburn Lock 

As the wheels of Joanne’s car embraced the tarmac below, a loose strand of hair fell from her shoulders, wrapping itself around her forearm. She flicked the strand to the passengers side, noticing how it danced with the wind that crept in through the open window. 

As she turned her eyes to the road, her mind wandered past the emerald trees and stumbled upon the events of the last twenty four hours. The auburn lock danced across her face and pirouetted out of the window, snapping Joanne back to reality. Just like the strand of hair, Joanne was finally free. 

Now don't be shy, tell me what you thought, what you really really thought! The best part of posting my fiction on here is that I can receive feedback - good or bad, what I can improve on, what words may have sounded better. If you want to share your thoughts, comment below or tweet me (@eleanoraustin). I don't mind criticism, so I'd be very grateful! 

Fancy taking part in the challenge? Share your works of fiction on Twitter and use the hashtag #in100words. I'd love to see them! 


  1. You left me wanting MORE!
    I think this is an amazing idea El and I cannot wait to read more and more of your work! xx


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