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Brrrrrrrr! Hasn't it got super chilly all of a sudden? Not that I'm really complaining, as I have mentioned time and time again, I am a winter baby through and through! Anyho, how are you are all? I hope you're having a lovely week so far. Shall we get on with all things woooonderful?... 

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Pretty Scenes

I'm pretty sure I've mentioned some type of weather/landscape in every wonderful wednesday for the last three months. Autumn and Winter just create the most beautiful scenes. From the sun setting amongst the orange trees, offering a warm glow through my office window, to the cold frosty mornings with bright blue skies and white glistening grass accompanying me on my drive to work. There is so much wonderfulness outside and I'm glad I get to witness it all.


Happy Wednesday all! I managed to sneak past last Wednesday without anyone noticing I hadn't posted (until now, when I've just admitted it to you all). I was having a bit of a mare on Tuesday evening, trying to find a hotel to stay in Belfast that was 1. Not ridiculously expensive, 2. Not out in the sticks and 3. Not a complete hell hole. I think sometimes mine and G's (mainly G's) high standards really do get in the way. By the time I had given up and slammed the lid down on my laptop, I was in a bit of a mood and THEN I remembered that I should be scheduling a wonderful Wednesday post. I failed, miserably. However, I am back this week and raring to go with all things lovely!

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New Life

So my *kind-of-practically-is-may-aswell-be-step-sister* gave birth to a beautiful little girl called Harriet on Thursday. I found out via the very modern form of Facebook that Rheya had a bit of a tough time in labour BUT I am sure herself and fiance James would do it all over again because Harriet looks like the most wonderful little reward. I am yet to squeeze those chubby arms and cheeks but I can't wait till I do. Congratulations again guys!


Happy wonderful wednesday to you all! I hope you are all well and have had a brilliant start to the week! I've just returned from a very indulgent indian with some of my favourite people. Wrapped up in the cosiest dressing gown, with a stomach full of chicken korma and naan bread, I am ready to share all things wonderful with you...

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Bagging a Parking Space

On Saturday I braved the Tesco car park in town. I don't normally go out on Saturday's as they're far too busy for my liking. I much prefer chilling out on the sofa, leaving my errands and little outings to Sunday morning. However, having spent several hours on the sofa binge watching Bates Motel, I thought I should get out of the house for a little bit. I hopped in my car and headed in to town. The roads were super busy and Tesco car park was rammed BUT as soon as I entered the car park, I managed to bag a spot in my usual area. The parking angels were definitely on my side that afternoon. I did a little cheery dance in my car, as a woman drove past looking very peeved. Sorry but a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do...


Happy wonderful wednesday to you all! I cannot believe that yesterday was the 1st of November. I'm panicking slightly at not being as prepared for Christmas as I thought I was. I feel like I should have already started my Christmas shopping and have half of it wrapped, stored safely in my secret hiding place. How is it possible that we'll be letting in a new year through the front door within a matter of weeks?! 

Putting all panic aside, today is a day for happiness and celebrating the small things!

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The Clocks going Back

I've been called weird on several occasions because of my love of the dark and all things cold and wintry. Some people are summer babies, I am a winter baby - through and through. I love driving home in the dark and whipping on my pj's as soon as I've set foot in the door. I love wrapping my dressing gown around me and settling down in front of the television. When the clocks went back on Sunday, I found myself out of bed and at the supermarket by half 10, which is pretty good going for someone who has a tendency to stay in bed till two in the afternoon. Some people think the clocks going back can be an absolute nightmare, I for one am absolutely loving it. 

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