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Happy wonderful wednesday to you all! I cannot believe that yesterday was the 1st of November. I'm panicking slightly at not being as prepared for Christmas as I thought I was. I feel like I should have already started my Christmas shopping and have half of it wrapped, stored safely in my secret hiding place. How is it possible that we'll be letting in a new year through the front door within a matter of weeks?! 

Putting all panic aside, today is a day for happiness and celebrating the small things!

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The Clocks going Back

I've been called weird on several occasions because of my love of the dark and all things cold and wintry. Some people are summer babies, I am a winter baby - through and through. I love driving home in the dark and whipping on my pj's as soon as I've set foot in the door. I love wrapping my dressing gown around me and settling down in front of the television. When the clocks went back on Sunday, I found myself out of bed and at the supermarket by half 10, which is pretty good going for someone who has a tendency to stay in bed till two in the afternoon. Some people think the clocks going back can be an absolute nightmare, I for one am absolutely loving it. 


I recently signed up for the 30 day free trial of Spotify premium and oh my goodness, who knew premium life could be sooo good? I've created a playlist entitled Bubbles*, which hosts the most perfect collection of songs to sing your heart out too. I've featured a few of the songs from the film Dreamgirls and have loved performing 'One Night Only' to those stuck in traffic on my way to work.

*this playlist was originally created for when I have quality bath time but I've found myself singing along in the living room, my bedroom and in my car.


On Sunday, I had the house to myself and thought it would be a good opportunity to have a little tidy. I sorted all of the post out, binning newspapers from several months ago and chucking away takeaway menu's that have never and would never be used. There is something so theraputic about having a good old clear out! 

A Change of Plan

I mentioned in another Wonderful Wednesday post that myself and G were planning on saving for a years worth of rent and moving somewhere completely new. However, we had a little chat with my Mumma and her partner Steve and thought that it would be good for us to just find a place in our local area. I really want to set up our own little humble abode and think it's probably best to just bite the bullet before we get far too comfortable at my Mum's and spend all our house money on holidays! I'm constantly changing my mind on what I think we should do but this feels like the right option.

There you have it! Another short but sweet one. Now it's over to you, how has your week been? Share your #wonderfulwednesday moments with myself and the rest of the gang* on Twitter

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  1. I definitely enjoyed my extra hour in bed on the weekend! And then the added benefit of still being up a little earlier than usual too!

    I love me some Spotify, I don't bother with the Premium account because I'm cheap, but I love checking out the Discover Weekly playlist each week. There's always a few new gems to enjoy on there.

  2. I'm definitely a winter baby too - I love this time of year! Getting wrapped up in a scarf and coat makes me so happy. I hope you find the place to live that's right for both of you, lots of luck! xx



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