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Hello you lovely lot, long time

I apologise for going a bit MIA on you all but December 2016 has been pretty awful. At the beginning of the month, my family said goodbye to my beautiful Nanny Shelagh, it was a complete shock to us all and it still doesn't seem real. I've never really experienced grief before and it has taken some 'getting used' to, for a while it felt like I was on a constant emotional rollercoaster and I think it will remain that way for a while. 

I had planned to talk about how awful this year has been but one of the reasons my Nan loved my blog was because she thought it was really positive. Therefore, I'm starting 2017 as I mean to go on and taking a positive outlook on the past year. Hopefully they have Facebook in heaven because I think you're going to like this one Nan!

Without further ado, I present to you my best bits of 2016...

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After hearing people rave about Budapest, myself and G finally ticked it off our travel bucket list. I absolutely loved Budapest, it's so beautiful and I would definitely recommend visiting!

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Celebrating my 21st

2016 marked the year I became legal in America! I feel like I finally turned in to an adult when I turned 21. Everything goes down hill from here right? I had such a lovely birthday and got to spend it with my nearest and dearest. Plus, Harrods treated me to a little birthday surprise (pictured above) and that was pretty darn awesome!

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Treating my Nan

In February, I took my Nanny Shelagh to Laura Ashley The Manor for a spot of afternoon tea. It was probably the best afternoon tea I've been on and we both had a really lovely time. I'm glad I got to treat her for her birthday, I will cherish that afternoon forever.  

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In June, I whisked G away for a city adventure. We stayed in THE most perfect little Airbnb apartment just a short walk in to the city centre. I was expecting rain and blustery winds but the weather was absolutely glorious, I felt very lucky that we were able to explore Edinburgh in such wonderfully warm conditions! I'm pretty sure G was ready to up sticks and plonk himself right on Scottish soil for the rest of his life.

King Size Bed

Can I get a YAAAAAAAAS for the #kingsizelife? We finally swapped my small double for the comfiest, cosiest, most perfect Bruce Almighty starfish worthy bed. I think we've both slept so much better now that there's more room and we aren't waking up with achy backs. For those of you who haven't embraced the #kingsizelife yet, make 2017 the year that you do!

Volunteered at Race for Life

One Sunday morning in September, I hopped out of bed and assisted the Race for Life team at their event in my hometown. It was a very emotional day but I had such a great time. If you want to do something different in 2017 and fancy offering a help in hand, try volunteering at an event near you


There you have it, 2016's best bits in a nutshell. I hope 2017 brings you happiness, good health, love and friendship and however you plan on welcoming the new year, I hope you have a great time! 

What are your best bits of 2016? What are you looking forward to in the new year? Comment below or tweet me @eleanoraustin


  1. El, those a such a lovely bunch of memories. Edinburgh is one of my favourite cities and I'd love to go back! The weather held for us too and sunshine always makes the memories that bit more shining. I'm sorry you lost your lovely Nan this year, but that afternoon tea will be such a lovely memory to hold onto. You both look so happy.

    This is going to sound silly, but I thought you were much older than me. We're the same age, but you seem to have your life so much more sorted. I guess I'm saying you seem like a more adulty adult than I. The internet can give you that impression... god I have no idea where I'm going with this. Happy Birthday and snap is all I can say haha.

    El, I wish you all the happiness for 2017. Have a good new year lovely one xx

  2. I'm so sorry to hear you lost your nan this year, but you've honoured her so brilliantly by focusing on the positives of 2016! Despite the tough times, you've seen some amazing places and have some memories which will last a lifetime.

    Sending you lots of New Year love, and all the best for 2017!


  3. I am so sorry to hear that you lost your Nan. It's always a sad time, but I think even more so at this time of the year. I hope things are getting easier for you. Focussing on all the positivity is a good place to start!

    What a whole lot of lovely memories from the year. I have been wanting to visit Edinburgh for such a long time and this just makes me want to go more and more!

  4. Sorry to hear about your Nan, it looks like you two had a fabulous time when you want for afternoon tea!

    Well done for staying true to yourself and positive in times of great emotional heartache. I hope you have a wonderful new year xx

  5. I'm so sorry for your loss, Eleanor, sending heaps of love your way ♥ It sounds like you have some lovely memories from 2016 and I hope you have a wonderful 2017! xx



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