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This week's wonderful Wednesday is being written on wonderful Wednesday itself! Normally, Tuesday evenings are spent recalling all those happy, heart fluttering moments but last night, I spent the evening with my family to celebrate my brother's birthday. I did attempt to write when I got home but my brain was a little frazzled. 

My alarm clock hasn't gone off yet, obviously my body knows I have an important task to complete. On with the wonderful! 

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On Friday evening, I was feeling a little restless so G suggested going for a walk. It was absolutely freezing and my eyes took a while to adjust to the darkness but it felt so good.


Can anyone else believe we're practically half-way through January already? Madness. 

Shall we get on with it? YEAH, LETS. Accio wonderful moments! 

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The BEST Chocolate Cookies

On Friday evening, I indulged in some 'me-time' before G came home from work. I plonked myself in bed, caught up on some blog reading and munched on possibly the best chocolate cookie I've ever had. It was soft, just how I like my cookies, and had the perfect amount of white chocolate chunks. Next time you're in Tesco, don't forget to pick up a packet. You won't regret it. 


As a school child, waking up early was a breeze. My alarm would sound at around half six, I would stroll downstairs to the kitchen, grab some breakfast and settle in front of the television for a while. I was at school, which meant I didn't have to decide what to wear, my uniform would be ready and waiting for me and I would be out the door at eight o'clock.

When I left school and joined the 9-5 working world, I often found myself jumping in the shower at eight o'clock, struggling to get out the door before ten to nine. I grew tired of rushing around and not being able to enjoy my morning. I knew I could rise early and be ready by eight o'clock because I'd done it before, all those years ago! 

I decided that in the new year I would try my hardest to be more organised and implement a few changes which would stop me from rushing around and allow me to enjoy my mornings. 

I'm sure I'm not the only one like this and thought I'd share a few tips with you on how to have an easier morning...

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Ever since I joined the lovely Wonderful Wednesday crew, the weeks just seem to fly by! By the time I've finished writing one WW post, it's Wednesday again and time to put together another list of lovely. So here we go...



I love that word. Mooching. Me and G did exactly that on Saturday. He finally had a weekend day off, hurrah! It's so difficult for us to get a day off together because whilst I have the weekends off, G works in retail and well, not working the weekend in retail is like office workers not working on a Monday!


Searching property apps like Rightmove and Zoopla and having a browse in the property section of my local newspaper are some of my favourite past times. I used to look at beautiful houses with five bedrooms and gravel drives, dreaming about the day I would be able to call one of them home. Now, I look at dream homes which are a little more within my reach.   

Myself and G are looking to get our own place this year. After a year or so of umming and ahhing over whether we should buy or rent, we've settled on renting. We want to be able to try out a few places before we even consider getting a mortgage (or until I become super rich and can buy one of those 5 bedroom mansions outright). 

I've been browsing various websites and my trusty property search apps for a while and I've noticed a few things about properties on the rent market which are really starting to grind those gears of mine. Using my very small, intimate online presence, I want to send a message to those involved in renting out properties, in the very acceptable and well loved form of a list...

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Happy New Year all! It's the first Wonderful Wednesday of 2017 and I'm going to *try* to make it a good'un. 

How was your New Year's Eve? Did you chill out with Jools Holland on the sofa? Or throw some shapes on the dance floor, whilst sipping a cocktail or two? Whatever you did, I hope you had a fabulous time! 

I spent my evening at one of our local pub's, jigging to a live band with some of my favourite people. I then met a few of my friends and had another little boogie before returning home to my bed at 3am. I know, such a dirty little stop out. I'm not a big drinker and sipped lemonade most of the night, so I woke up the next morning hangover free, it doesn't get much more wonderful than that! Or does it? Let's see...

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Back to Blogging 

In my last post, I explained why I had been absent from the blogging world for a while. I wasn't sure when I'd make my return. However, I knew I wanted to do an 'end of year' type post and I'm so glad that I did. I was going to wait another week till I got back in to my Wonderful Wednesday posts but thought, why? There's no time like the present after all! I'm looking forward to getting back in to the swing of things! 

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