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As a school child, waking up early was a breeze. My alarm would sound at around half six, I would stroll downstairs to the kitchen, grab some breakfast and settle in front of the television for a while. I was at school, which meant I didn't have to decide what to wear, my uniform would be ready and waiting for me and I would be out the door at eight o'clock.

When I left school and joined the 9-5 working world, I often found myself jumping in the shower at eight o'clock, struggling to get out the door before ten to nine. I grew tired of rushing around and not being able to enjoy my morning. I knew I could rise early and be ready by eight o'clock because I'd done it before, all those years ago! 

I decided that in the new year I would try my hardest to be more organised and implement a few changes which would stop me from rushing around and allow me to enjoy my mornings. 

I'm sure I'm not the only one like this and thought I'd share a few tips with you on how to have an easier morning...

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Choose your outfit the night before

Stop yourself from panic picking and choose your outfit the night before. I did this for three days last week and it made my mornings SO much easier. You may find that you actually feel better about yourself, knowing you've chosen each piece of clothing yourself and haven't just thrown on something in a rush.

I've also started to collect some items specifically for work. Splitting my wardrobe has not only given me a 'uniform' but made me feel that little bit more professional. I mentioned in a recent instagram post that I often found myself reaching for jeans and a jumper for work. However, wearing smart(ish) outfits prepares me for the working day and helps me get my brain in gear.

Maybe take the time one evening to put together some outfits, see which pieces work together and can be used for your day at the office! 

Prepare your lunch the night before

I recently purchased a very cute lunchbox which has not only made me choose healthier lunch options, it's also made me WANT to prepare my lunch.

Preparing your lunch the night before will not only make your mornings easier, but it may stop you from spending all your hard earned cash on McDonald's and sausage rolls!

Give yourself time

This tip comes in two parts but they both involve that dreaded alarm of yours! I set my alarm an hour and 45 minutes before I need to leave for work. I may only need an hour and a half to get ready and have breakfast. However, (and this is the second part of the tip) that extra 15 minutes covers the time I'll be spending in bed, scrolling through my social media feeds, before I actually pull back the duvet and get up. 

Setting your alarm early also allows you to have a slow morning. If you've prepared your lunch the day before and have already chosen your outfit, you can spend your morning doing things you like. Whether that is reading a chapter of your book, watching Piers Morgan on Good Morning Britain, or, like me, having a little morning catch up on Twitter. 

Enjoy a good breakfast

Over the Christmas period, I took the time to prepare myself something nice for breakfast (most days). I often opt for two slices of toast every morning and as much as I LOVE toast, it can get a little boring. I still haven't mastered the art of the perfect porridge, so instead I've been enjoying things like scrambled eggs, croissants and pain au chocolat. Breakfast is something I want to experiment with more - if you have any simple suggestions, please send them my way! 

There you have it, my top tips for having an easier morning! Let's hope they come in handy, especially tomorrow (there have been rumours that a little blue monday will be making an appearance).

Do you struggle to get up in the morning? Or are you an early-bird who can't wait to rise? Have you got any tips for having an easier morning? Comment below or tweet me @eleanoraustin.  


  1. I love getting up early – it means I can get stuff done. Early morning is my true productive time. I get gradually less useful as the day wears on XD


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