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It's no secret that I'm a bit of a chocoholic. Whether it's a cake, a brownie, a bar or a biscuit, if it's got chocolate in it, I'll be munching on it quicker than you can say Galaxy.

I eat chocolate pretty much everyday, I certainly think about it everyday! When will I get to eat my next chocolate bar? Which one will it be? If I go out for dinner, I almost always opt for the chocolate option. There's just no other alternative in my eyes!

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I'm currently freezing my bottom off on a park bench to bring you this week's dose of wonderful. I've escaped the office on my lunch break to get some fresh air and give my irritatingly tired legs a bit of a stretch. It's cold, it's grey and a little bit wet but I'm enjoying not eating my lunch amongst four, white walls.

There's been a few other wonderful moments, other than this park bench one right now, shall we delve in?

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'Do our bums look big in this?' - Sheep @ Stowe, Buckinghamshire

New Food

By new food, I mean a new place to eat such yummy goodness. I booked Friday and Monday off of work, to give myself lots of time to indulge in birthday chocolate and face the fact that I'm getting old.

G just so happened to be off on Friday too, so after lounging about for a few hours, we hopped in the car and took a little drive to a place called The Cricketers. The food was delicious but I did have really bad food envy because G's pizza looked SO good. We will definitely be returning and I will definitely be opting for a pizza!


Today I celebrate my 22nd birthday. However, whilst my crows feet may be a little more defined and I'm slightly taller than my 10 year old self, I still feel like the same old quiet girl who's worn her hair the same way for the past 10 years (with one side clipped back). 

I often wonder what I might be like when I turn 30. If I'll still feel the same as I do now. If I'll still lack in confidence, or feel paranoid in a room full of new people. If I'll ditch the bobby pins and let the left side of my hair down. Will I still fail to spark a conversation with a stranger? Or is there a time, an age, where everything changes? It's like I'm expecting a small mystical man to flick a switch and BAM I'm forced into the land of adulthood. The land of confident conversations, a land where I actually FEEL like an adult. Does anyone else feel like this or is it just me?

I guess the one thing that has changed, as I've got older, is my outlook on life and everything that comes with it. I think it's true when they say that the older you get, the wiser you become because I've only been on this earth for 22 years but I've learnt a hell of a lot.


Happy hump day! I hope that actually you haven't all got the hump and are feeling pretty lovely after yesterday! Whether you spent it with your other half, your friends, family or by yourself, I hope you had a lovely valentine's day and showed both yourself and others a little bit of TLC.

Let's share some more love today, love for the simple things...

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Great Minds 

Me and G don't really celebrate Valentine's Day, opting to spend more time celebrating our anniversary. However, we do still buy each other a card and this year, we were so in tune! If you're not familiar with the Harry Potter books then you probably won't get the reference but we both did so that's all that matters!

Cottage Pie 

I am smashing it in the kitchen this year. For somebody who couldn't even heat up soup, I've definitely come a long way! On Sunday, I made a cottage pie from scratch and I'm pleased to say, it wasn't too shabby. I made it in two dishes and enjoyed the leftovers the following day, alongside green vegetables and butternut squash and spinach croquettes. DELISH. 


Happy Wonderful Wednesday! How are you all? I hope you're having great weeks so far. My days have been slow and quiet but at the same time, the week seems to be passing with a certain amount of speed. 

I think I'm a little on the tired side, it must be something to do with our weekend away in Bristol. I feel like I'm playing catch up, crawling in to bed just before 9pm and falling straight to sleep after an episode of one of our favourite series' (OH EM GEE, who else is super excited that The Walking Dead returns next Monday?). 

Shall we get on with all things bright and wonderful?

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A Successful Escape Room

Whilst in Bristol at the weekend, myself and G booked ourselves in to the secret agent room at Puzzlair. We took part in our first escape room in Prague about four years ago and failed miserably. We then tried one in London, this time as a group of seven, and...yeah you guessed it, we failed miserably again. 

We hoped that Bristol would be third time lucky and it was! Hurrah! We finally did it. It was also the best room we'd taken part in, with lots of quirky tricks. I'm so glad we finally managed to escape, I can't help but feel this was the start of many successful escapes...


As much as I love hopping on a plane and going abroad, you cannot beat a stay-cation. Ever since our first little trip to Stratford-Upon-Avon four years ago, where we endured several hours on a coach and a hefty walk in the rain to our cottage, I have been keen to cover more of UK ground. There's just something so exciting about exploring the land you call home, discovering beautiful green land you didn't know existed and witnessing the bright lights of a bustling city you dream of residing in.

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Myself and G recently visited Bristol for a Valentine's/Birthday getaway. We'd much rather spend money on experiences than physical, materialistic items, which means that we get around a lot


Happy 1st of February all! I can't believe that one month of 2017 has passed already. I'm very happy to see the back of January, purely because February is my birthday month aka. the best month ever.

As I write my Wonderful Wednesday posts on Tuesday evenings, I decided that on the last Tuesday of every month, I would do a little round up of all the moments I've enjoyed. 

So, without further ado, I give you my January best bits...

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Visiting Bury St Edmunds 

At the beginning of January, I took G and my brother on a little outing to Bury St Edmunds. My brother is moving to a small village just outside of Bury, so we had a little mooch to see what it was like. I'd definitely go back there for the day, it's a really pretty town with a good shopping area and a beautiful Cathedral. 

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