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As much as I love hopping on a plane and going abroad, you cannot beat a stay-cation. Ever since our first little trip to Stratford-Upon-Avon four years ago, where we endured several hours on a coach and a hefty walk in the rain to our cottage, I have been keen to cover more of UK ground. There's just something so exciting about exploring the land you call home, discovering beautiful green land you didn't know existed and witnessing the bright lights of a bustling city you dream of residing in.

bristol graffiti banksy

Myself and G recently visited Bristol for a Valentine's/Birthday getaway. We'd much rather spend money on experiences than physical, materialistic items, which means that we get around a lot

We had originally planned to visit Bath but after struggling to find a hotel, I took on a recommendation from a colleague and booked a two night getaway in Bristol. I'd never really thought to visit Bristol and didn't know what to expect. We had a quick look at Trip Advisor and the city guide to gain an idea of what the city had to offer. We found several escape rooms, which we love, so decided to book ourselves in to the secret agent room at Puzzlair, I was also keen to visit the Clifton Suspension Bridge and the St Nicholas Market. With a rough idea of what we wanted to see, we packed our things and set of down the M4 on Friday evening, arriving at our hotel, the Hampton by Hilton, just before 10pm.

weekend in bristol st nicholas market

Whenever we visit somewhere new, we like to make the most of it by rising early and getting out and about before the clock strikes 9am. Which is exactly what we did! We took a little stroll around the city, in to Castle Park and along the river.

For a city, it was extremely quiet and rather peaceful. Everywhere you turned, there was an element of quirky, creativity - from a burito restaurant set in an old bus, to Banksy artwork decorating city walls, Bristol is a hub for design, self-expression and new ideas, or at least it seemed that way! 

uk lifestyle blog bristol weekend away

On Saturday evening, after a two hour nap and warm refreshing shower (boy was I tired), we headed to our escape room. Having failed to escape in both Prague and London, we had to make sure we succeeded in this one...and we did! It was definitely third time lucky as we escaped with just 40 seconds to spare. It was the best escape room we've done so far, with so many quirky tricks AND secret doors! I know right?! Seriously cool stuff. 

By the time we'd finished our escape room and found our way back to the city centre, it was nearly 9pm and far too late to find somewhere decent to eat. We went for a good ol' trusty McDonald's and I finally indulged in the milkshake I'd been craving all day. 

uk lifestyle blog blooming el bristol getaway

Our last morning in Bristol was spent at Leigh Woods Nature Reserve. I'd researched the best places to see the Clifton Suspension Bridge and Leigh Woods was one of them. I'm a bit of a National Trust fan (I've actually considered becoming a member) and thought Leigh Woods would be the perfect end to our trip. 

After locating a map and seeking help from a lovely lady, we set off along the muddy path to the bridge. The weather wasn't great (those damn clouds) but it was still pretty lovely and definitely worth covering my trainers in muck. 

Before returning to the car, we treated our frozen selves to a hot chocolate and a latte. The perfect way to end our mini trip! 

view of Clifton bridge from leigh woods

Have you ever visited Bristol? What did you think of the city? Do you prefer stay-cations or going abroad? Comment below or tweet me @eleanoraustin


  1. I love Bristol, but I really need to spend more time there! Great pictures! x

  2. So glad you had a lovely time and I'm SO pleased you finally escaped the room!!! Lovely pictures too.

    Suitcase and Sandals Blog XX

  3. Bristol is tip top of my city break list right now. I passed through it on a bus recently and it was so quirky. I love all the street art. Plus being down in the South West I'm so close! Loving all your ideas and photos.
    Kate xx


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