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Happy 1st of February all! I can't believe that one month of 2017 has passed already. I'm very happy to see the back of January, purely because February is my birthday month aka. the best month ever.

As I write my Wonderful Wednesday posts on Tuesday evenings, I decided that on the last Tuesday of every month, I would do a little round up of all the moments I've enjoyed. 

So, without further ado, I give you my January best bits...

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Visiting Bury St Edmunds 

At the beginning of January, I took G and my brother on a little outing to Bury St Edmunds. My brother is moving to a small village just outside of Bury, so we had a little mooch to see what it was like. I'd definitely go back there for the day, it's a really pretty town with a good shopping area and a beautiful Cathedral. 

Beautiful Skies 

January has given us some wonderful skies. From dusty pink and purple in the morning, to bright blue and cloudless in the afternoon, it's been a wonderful treat for the eyes! 

Changing My Habits 

At the beginning of the year, I bought myself a pretty swanky lunchbox, with the hope that it would change my eating habits for the better. I'm glad to say, it has! I've started taking salads and fruit in to work and have tried my hardest to decline those sugary office treats. My diet wasn't great last year, to be honest I don't think it's ever been great, but I think I've done quite well so far. I'm not cutting out foods because I love my sweet treats and savoury snacks a little too much. However, I am trying to fit more fruit and veg in to my everyday meals.

I've also ditched the car a few times in an attempt to get more exercise. This is something that needs work but I'm getting there!

G's Determination 

I'm not the only one who's changed their eating habits, G jumped on board at the beginning of the year too and I am SO proud of him. He's regularly attending the gym and actually makes time to eat lunch whilst he's at work. Changing a few things here and there has already made such a difference, let's hope it continues!


I have spent a lot of time reading in January and I have loved it. It's felt so good to be snuggled up in a blanket, following the adventures of Harry, Ron and Hermione (yes, I'm very late to the party but I only have one and a half books to go!). 

Aaaaand I'm done! Now it's your turn, share your #wonderfulwednesday moments with myself and the rest of the gang* on Twitter.

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  1. What a lovely little list and thanks so much for joining in lovely lady! It's not just you, i'm yet to dive in and read Harry Potter but since we recorded and devoured all of the films over Xmas (in the right order and knowing we hadn't missed one for a change!) it's had my thinking i might try the books.

    There's something lovely about a packed lunch - it's just making the effort to do it that i struggle with - i'm all or nothing. If there's easy leftovers {which is a rarity in our house!} then i'll happily take them but i do need a kick up the bum {and away from m&s} to do it more often!

    Also LOVE the photo you've used at the start of the post - the light lately has been ever so lovely xxxx

  2. My January has been full of reading, since it has been so cold, I have fully embraced hibernating under blankets with a good book!

    Now that it's February, I think I'll get started with the year haha!

    Happy Thursday to you! Have a great rest of the week!

  3. Yay, another february baby. We are the best, it's widely known.
    And welcome to the awesomeness of Harry Potter, she writes just spectacularly wonderful stories. You follow her on Twitter too yes? JK Rowling is the epitome of life goals.
    Have a great rest of the week.
    M x

  4. I wonder if there is some correlation between wonderful wednesdayness, and being a February baby, as I'm another. (Or maybe there's just so many people now its a odds thing!)
    I was late to Harry Potter too, and then devoured it. I got put off by seeing the first film with my little brother before reading the books. Happily I was a convert later! xx


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