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Happy Wonderful Wednesday! How are you all? I hope you're having great weeks so far. My days have been slow and quiet but at the same time, the week seems to be passing with a certain amount of speed. 

I think I'm a little on the tired side, it must be something to do with our weekend away in Bristol. I feel like I'm playing catch up, crawling in to bed just before 9pm and falling straight to sleep after an episode of one of our favourite series' (OH EM GEE, who else is super excited that The Walking Dead returns next Monday?). 

Shall we get on with all things bright and wonderful?

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A Successful Escape Room

Whilst in Bristol at the weekend, myself and G booked ourselves in to the secret agent room at Puzzlair. We took part in our first escape room in Prague about four years ago and failed miserably. We then tried one in London, this time as a group of seven, and...yeah you guessed it, we failed miserably again. 

We hoped that Bristol would be third time lucky and it was! Hurrah! We finally did it. It was also the best room we'd taken part in, with lots of quirky tricks. I'm so glad we finally managed to escape, I can't help but feel this was the start of many successful escapes...

French Stick

Oo la la! No this isn't an innendo, I am in fact talking about a mighty tiger style baguette. I spotted this stick when we returned home on Sunday and I just couldn't resist. Crusty on the outside and soft and buttery in the middle (still talking about the food here guys). There is literally nothing better than fresh bread...okay maybe chocolate...and yorkshire puddings. 

A 10/10 Asos Order

We've all been there. Spent a considerable amount of time browsing Asos, saving things to our 'heart' list, then giving them a little upgrade to our basket; praying, hoping that when they arrive, you'll love them all and won't have to endure the trip to your nearest Kandola to ship them back off via Collect+. 

Friday must have been my lucky day because I ordered three things and loved them ALL. It rarely happens to me, in fact, only last week I made a New Look order and ended up returning one of my items but this week, it was a 10/10 order. Or should I say 3/3?

So thanks Asos for not letting me down! (For you nosey parkers, I bought this t-shirt, this shirt and this choker necklace). 

The Last Harry Potter Book

I've finally made it, I'm on the last book! I'm going to miss reading the Harry Potter books and kind of wish it wasn't coming to an end. However, I'll be glad when I turn that final page and can start tackling the many other books on my bookshelf. 

I've put myself on a book buying ban and it's really irriating me, all I want to do is buy a new book but I'm resiting the urge, with the hope that it will spur me on to finish the ones I already have. 

Wish me luck! 

I think that's all for this week, short but sweet is my running wonderful wednesday theme. Now it's your turn! What's been making you all warm and fuzzy? Share your #wonderfulwednesday moments with myself and the rest of the gang* on Twitter

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  1. Escape rooms are so much fun! I've done them on two separate occasions and I'm always trying to bully friends into going! x

  2. I loved your post about your time away in Bristol. I am hoping to move there this summer (or be closer at least!) and its made me SO excited.

    P.S me and the boyf are also v. excited for the return of the Walking Dead too! xx

  3. I finally finished the last HP book last month, I am so so glad that is over, now I can happily sell or donate them to the library. Must admit, I did enjoy the last half of the last book and it did make all the slogging through the 5th and 6th book somewhat worth it, but still, I'm glad it's over now.


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