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Happy hump day! I hope that actually you haven't all got the hump and are feeling pretty lovely after yesterday! Whether you spent it with your other half, your friends, family or by yourself, I hope you had a lovely valentine's day and showed both yourself and others a little bit of TLC.

Let's share some more love today, love for the simple things...

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Great Minds 

Me and G don't really celebrate Valentine's Day, opting to spend more time celebrating our anniversary. However, we do still buy each other a card and this year, we were so in tune! If you're not familiar with the Harry Potter books then you probably won't get the reference but we both did so that's all that matters!

Cottage Pie 

I am smashing it in the kitchen this year. For somebody who couldn't even heat up soup, I've definitely come a long way! On Sunday, I made a cottage pie from scratch and I'm pleased to say, it wasn't too shabby. I made it in two dishes and enjoyed the leftovers the following day, alongside green vegetables and butternut squash and spinach croquettes. DELISH. 

Crying with Laughter 

You know that feeling when you're laughing so hard you start to cry? Then you struggle to breathe and your stomach starts to ache. You know, possibly the BEST feeling ever? I experienced this for the first time in a while on Saturday afternoon. G had said something that wasn't even THAT funny but it really tickled me. 

Bubble Baths 

Ahhh how I have missed bubble baths. I've indulged in two so far this week and will hopefully *squeeze* in a third. I picked up some bubble bath in Sainsbury's and treated myself to a good half an hour soak, complete with face mask and a bit of Harry Potter. 

A Quiet Saturday 

We made the most of G's last day off by visiting Stowe in Buckinghamshire. It was absolutely freezing but we had a lovely little wander around the gardens. We then stopped off at a local village pub for some hot food before heading home and snuggling under the blanket. 

Bargain Boots 

Whilst browsing George at Asda, G spotted that the boots were 40% off. I spied a pair of grey ankle boots and after voicing that I quite liked them, G just shoved them in our basket (he does that a lot). They're super comfortable but they need a good clean after our winter walk!

That's all for this week! I'm not sure, but this may be my longest WW list? Maybe the second longest...I don't think I'll bother counting as it's your turn now! Share your #wonderfulwednesday moments with myself and the rest of the gang* on Twitter.

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  1. Oh crying with laughter is such a good medicine and one I most definitely need! Your V-cards are amazing!! Such good choices and I hope you had a lovely day. S x


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