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Aloha! Just like that, we're onto the third month of 2017. SERIOUSLY TIME, JUST SLOW DOWN OKAY, TAKE A CHILL PILL. 

We're finally in March, yet the weather seems to think it's December. I thought I'd seen the back of the cold weather last week - I ventured out on Saturday in my fluffy gilet, admiring the beautiful sunshine that soaked the rolling green hills, then BAM it's Monday and I'm feeling like I've hopped on a plane to the North Pole in just my underwear, f-f-f-freezing. 

However, now isn't the time to moan and groan about typical British weather. NOW is about all things wonderful and as I'm writing this on the last day of the month, it's time to round-up all of February's wonderfulness...

uk lifestyle blog wonderful wednesday


Myself and G are trying SO hard to not book anymore holidays, as we have New York in May and are hoping to move out of my Mum's house this year. However, we couldn't resist a little stay-cation at the beginning of February and headed to Bristol for a weekend.

It was a really lovely break and I was quite surprised at how much I liked Bristol. I'm hoping we'll be able to squeeze in another little break after New York but getting our own place has to take priority!

uk lifestyle blog wonderful wednesday

Becoming a National Trust Member 

YES, we are officially one of those couples. We've visited a few National Trust gardens and houses and thought it was the right decision to finally become members. It's going to come in handy when we both get a day off and don't have any solid plans. I'm looking forward to the summer when we can pack a picnic and visit one of the many places of the National Trust .

uk lifestyle blog wonderful wednesday

Turning 22

Even though my birthday was a bit different to how I've spent my previous ones, I still enjoyed turning 22 and being able to sing THAT line from T-Swifty's song. I spent most of the day on the sofa in my pyjama's, then headed out for dinner with some of my family. Good grub, good company, an all round good weekend.

Being Home Alone 

Since my brother moved away, I've had the house to myself a lot more and boy have I been taking advantage of it!

Our Chromecast has been downstairs for a while now, which means I can cast my music to the TV and dance to my hearts content. Favourite jammin' and groovin' tunes include: George Michael - Fast Love, Kiiara - Gold, Still - Liv Dawson, Ray Lamontage - You Are the Best Thing and Christopher Cross - Ride Like the Wind. 

You know that Sainsbury's advert that's been doing the rounds lately? Yeah, that pretty much sums up what I do when I'm home alone.

Experimenting in the Kitchen

I've mentioned before that one of my goals this year is to become more confident in the kitchen. So far, 2017 has been all about trying new things and I look forward to seeing where I am in six months time!

At the weekend, I whipped up some homemade sweet potato fries with a little bit of paprika and they went down a treat! G absolutely loved them, so much so that he actually looked really upset when they had all gone.

I even made a cottage pie from scratch earlier on in the month! As little as these things may seem, it takes a lot for me to be able to do it but I slowly feel like I'm gaining my confidence, I just need to have a little more faith in myself!

That's all for February! I hope you've had a lovely month full of wonderful, heart fluttering moments and may it continue into March! Today, I start the British Heart Foundation's #DECHOX, I'm ready for the challenge but I feel sorry for anyone who has to be near me over the next 31 days. Eleanor without chocolate = potential disaster.

Anyway, enough about me, it's your turn! Share your #wonderfulwednesday moments with myself and the rest of the gang* on Twitter.

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  1. El this is such a lovely little list of FAB things! We've yet to join national trust but i think we probably will this year, it works out so much more economical PLUS it'll be the excuse we sometimes need on a Sunday to get dressed and get out a bit more...still a little bit in winter hibernation mode over here! Hoping Spring will sort that out.

    Thanks so much for joining in as always xxxx

  2. This is such a lovely February list!
    Sweet potato fries are such a winner, but I can never get mine to be as yummy as when I'm out.
    I'm turning 22 in 6 days time and am excited purely so that I can sing Taylor Swift. Oh and cake of course.
    I love how adventurous you and G are. Bristol and the National Trust in one month. You are winning my darling. There's so many wonderful places to see in the UK.
    Have a lovely rest of your week xx

  3. Ahh I am so jealous you are going to New York! You better take a billion photos!!

    I am planning on becoming a National Trust Member after I graduate, there are lots of lovely places in National Trust Places dotted around Devon if you ever want to visit! xx

    Lynsey || One More Slice


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