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Good morning you lovely lot! I hope you're all having a fantastic week so far. I'm feeling like just jumping straight in today, so on with the wonderful...

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I survived my first full week of my #DECHOX! I have been craving chocolate quite a lot but I've managed to stay away from it. Admittedly, I've been trying to find other sweet things to give me my sugar fix but it's actually really hard! Only another 24 days to go...

A New Read

Hurrah! I finally finished Harry Potter and the Dealthy Hallows. I already miss the magical world of Hogwarts but I've just started reading Me Before You and am rather enjoying it so far. I did break my book ban at the weekend but second hand book stalls are my weakness AND I did only purchase one...

Collaborative Cooking

On Monday evening, myself and G made pizzas and sweet potato fries for dinner. Normally we take it in turns to cook (when he's actually in for dinner - those damn late shifts) so it was nice to do something together! The pizza's were a bit dough-ey for my liking but they still tasted good! 

Bargain Nike's

I've had my eye on this pair of Nike's for a while. I'm not a trainer person at all BUT I thought it would be a good idea to invest in a pair of trainers for our upcoming trip to New York. I wanted something comfy but, dare I say it, fashionable? 

I was still uhming and ahing over them on Monday but when I opened my ASOS app and saw that they had reduced in price, I knew I had to at least try them. I also had a £20 ASOS voucher from my birthday and a £5 voucher from ASOS themselves, which meant I only payed around £30 for them - bargain!

Rest and Relaxation 

On Saturday, myself and my Mumma went to Odyssey Spa in Knebworth for a bit of R+R. We'd booked the Mother and Daughter Spa Package, which included use of the spa facilities, lunch, complimentary drinks, a taster facial and a back massage.

We haven't really spent the day together in a while so it was really lovely to just relax and get pampered a little bit. The massage was absolutely divine, I think we both nearly fell asleep! I really wouldn't mind making a habit out of going to the spa...

Pesto Perfection 

Pesto pasta is becoming my new speciality. However, I've found it hard to find the balance between far-too-much-pesto and not-enough-olive-oil. UNTIL YESTERDAY! I whipped up the most perfect batch of pesto pasta, complete with pancetta, brocolli and a sprinkle of cheese. DELISH.

That's all for this week! Now it's your turn, share your #wonderfulwednesday moments with myself and the rest of the gang* on Twitter.

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  1. Mama/daughter spa day sounds brilliant, so relaxing. And that pasta sounds divine, good work!
    Did you feel a bit bereft at the end of HP?? For a while I felt like I couldn't get into anything else AT ALL!
    Have a great week lovely lady
    M x Life Outside London

  2. Pesto and pasta is one of my all time favourite combinations. Although, I feel like I could put pesto on everything and make it so much better. Yum!

    Glad to hear that you had a fab week and you are doing so well with the Dechox! Keep going my dear, we are all cheering you on!


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