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I did it! I survived 31 days without chocolate to raise money for the British Heart Foundation. It was a tough experience, going from about two bars of chocolate a day to no chocolate at all sure took its toll on my body. I tried to replace it with jam tarts, angel cake and plain biscuits but it just wasn't the same. I thought I'd give you all a little overview of each week and how I felt during my #DECHOX.

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Week One

I found it really easy cutting out chocolate in the first week. Although I craved it, I wasn't in agony about it, I just had to find other ways of getting my sugar fix. 

Week Two

The second and third week were probably the toughest of them all. It felt like my lack of chocolate really took its toll on my body, I felt dizzy, lightheaded and just really low, almost as if I was on a bit of a comedown. It was also my time of the month and not being able to eat chocolate during this time was so hard as it's usually the first thing I reach for!

Week Three

By the end of the third week, I was starting to feel a little better and a bit more like my usual self. I wasn't really craving chocolate, I went out to dinner a few times and opted for apple crumble or a treacle sponge. 

If there's one thing this #DECHOX has taught me, is to try new things and not just opt for the same thing I always have. By not being able to eat chocolate, I either chose not to have a pudding or treat, or tried to find something different. 

Week Four

The last week was probably the easiest of them all. I think it might have been because I knew the end was near but the last week flew by and I hardly even thought about chocolate. I probably could've gone an extra week without it! On the last day of my #DECHOX I came home to find a lovely chocolate bouquet, full of my favourite galaxy treats.

Saturday morning, G was super eager to see me try a piece of chocolate, so I took a bite of a galaxy bar and it tasted really salty. I've only had a few pieces of chocolate and they've all tasted salty. Where I usually inhale a chocolate bar in about five seconds, I'm finding myself putting it back down and coming back to it later or just not finishing at all!

uk lifestyle blog blooming el

I can't believe, in the space of a month, I've gone from a chocoholic to not actually being too bothered about it (this may change when I go to Cadbury World at the end of the month, eek). I truly believe that chocolate is an addiction and the more you have it, the more you crave it. Maybe the simple answer is that because I haven't had it in so long, I don't actually crave it that much anymore, who knows!

I raised just over £100 for the British Heart Foundation and feel rather proud of myself for actually completing the challenge. I feel like now I could take or leave chocolate, I AM A CHANGED WOMAN.