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Happy hump day! How are you all? Is April treating you well so far? I can't believe we're in the fourth month of 2017 already, it's just absolute madness this time malarky. MADNESS I tell you!

Shall we get on with it? Yeah go on then...

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Lighter Evenings 

As much as I moan about the heat and the lighter evenings, by the time the clocks go back I find myself relishing the sun still being with us past five o'clock. There's just something so...magical about the sun setting amongst country roads and displaying that delicious pink-y, orange-y light. The picture above was taken after a late Sunday dinner in a little village pub, we were on our way out of the pub, when I spotted the sun setting upon the green fields, I ran across the car park to snap a couple of pictures. 

Spring Onion Mash

I'm really not a great lover of mash, I find it really bland and sometimes lumpy. When I ordered my meal on Sunday evening, I asked for the mash to be replaced with baby potatoes but this obviously didn't reach the kitchen. Whilst I was waiting for my baby potatoes, I thought I'd just give the mash a go, OH EM GEE IT WAS AMAZING. It was so smooth and buttery and had a really nice flavour, I felt a little guilty for only eating a few of the potatoes!

A Place of Rest 

Yesterday, my Nan's ashes were finally laid to rest at our local cemetery. I know this might seem like a bit of a weird thing to include on a list full of wonderfulness but now we all have a place to go. I believe my Nan is still here with us somehow but it's hard talking to just thin air...if you get me? Now I feel like if I go to the rose garden, where her ashes are, she will be there with me. Blimey this is hard to explain! Basically, it's just really nice having a place to go and talk to her and lay flowers on her birthday etc.

Completing my #DECHOX 

I managed to go 31 days without chocolate! I feel so proud of myself right now. It was a weird experience but I survived. You can read all about my #DECHOX here.

Paying off New York 

Whenever me and G go away, it's normally him that pays for the trip and I always feel so guilty because I'd like to be able to pay my way. Unfortunately, my wage doesn't allow for trips to be paid in one go. However, when we booked New York last year, I knew we had several months to pay it all off which meant I could just chip away at it whenever I got paid. I paid off my little section on Sunday and now I can just focus on spending money, yay!

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