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Bonjour! Hola! Good day to you! How are you all? Just two teeny tiny days till we get a lovely four day weekend. Other than a little outing to Cambridge on Friday for a bit of retail therapy which I totally cannot afford, I don't have much planned. I'm sure, whatever I end up doing, it will be full of wonderful things. 

Oh, speaking of wonderful things...shall we delve in? It's short and sweet this week!

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A while back, I jumped on the Serial bandwagon and it was the best thing I have ever layed my ears on. After seeing Michelle's lovely list of podcasts, I thought that I'd try and get back in to podcasts. G listens to sporty type ones nearly all the time and I really enjoyed Serial, so thought I'd see if I could find something else to listen to. I settled on S-Town, as this is put together by the same guys at Serial and This American Life. I finished it within a day, it was a really lovely but heartbreaking story and very weird in some parts. 

I'm currently listening to Undisclosed, which is another take on Adnan Syed's story. I had to listen to Serial again just to refresh my memory but on Undisclosed, they go in to so much more detail and I am loving it so far. I'm still unsure on whether I think he's guilty or not. What do you guys think?!


To accompany me and my podcasts, I pulled out my Animal Kingdom colouring book. It's been so lovely to just sit, listen and colour at the weekend or in the evening. I find it so therapeutic, I'm considering getting a pocket size one to use on my lunch breaks. 

Chocolate muffins

No more blueberry muffins! Yay! I finally had my first chocolate chip muffin, after giving up chocolate for 31 days and oh my, it was goooooooooood. As for chocolate, meh I'm not sure I'm really feeling it, I can eat it and I can enjoy it but muffins and chocolate yogurts seem to taste a little better.

Little chats

I finished work generously early on Monday and got to spend the rest of the afternoon with G. We just layed on our bed and talked, no TV or radio, just us and a lovely conversation.

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