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Is it that time already? Blimey o'riley! How was your Easter weekend? Did you spend it stuffing your face with chocolate and binge watching 13 Reasons Why? (We started watching this yesterday and I finally realised what all the hype was about). 

My Easter weekend was pretty quiet but I didn't mind that too much. I read some blog posts, watched a film, visited a garden centre and went for dinner with my partner in crime.

Shall we get on with the wonderful? 

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Hollyoaks Spring Trailer 2017 

Yes, I'm one of those. A rare species who actually enjoys Hollyoaks and has done for at least half her life. Hollyoaks is the only show that I've watched religiously and I just bloody love it. The acting might not be Oscar worthy but I love the story lines and the characters. They released their Spring trailer yesterday and OH EM GEE, SO MUCH DRAMA. 

A Perfect Asos Order 

I wanted to get some little bits for our trip to New York, so I spent several hours browsing Asos, clicking on that all important little heart icon. A few of the items I'd chose were a bit unusual for me but I bit the bullet and spent more money that I don't have but I kind of do because it's on my credit card and that's essentially free money right? LOLZ. 

My parcel arrived, along with a free packet of Oreos (if anyone from Asos HQ is reading this, I much prefer chocolate fingers or jammie dodgers, TA) and I'm pleased to say that I loved everything and didn't have to send any of my items back, SCORE!

Avril Lavinge 


I made Good Friday an extra special good Friday by sticking on Avril's 'The Best Damn Thing' album, whilst I got ready for the day. Runaway is probably my favourite song on the album and gives you all those teenage,'dancing in your bedroom' vibes.

My Instagram Name 

I've wanted to change my username since f-o-r-e-v-e-r. My Twitter is simply @eleanoraustin and I wanted my Instagram to match but lo and behold, it was taken. If I ever have children, I'll be setting up their email and social media accounts before the final push. I added my middle name in, my middle initial, I added x's, then quickly removed them because it made me physically gag, till eventually I found one that didn't make me squirm. YAY FOR MATCHING SOCIAL MEDIA ACCOUNTS (kind of, that damn underscore). 

G's Cardigan 

G has this large, green (he's adamant it's black. It's not, I've read the label.) cardigan and he never wears it so naturally, I've stolen it. It is the cosiest cardigan ever and perfect for mooching about the house in. 

Reading Blogs 

My Bloglovin' feed just keeps getting longer by the second and I find it really hard to keep up with everyone's new content. However, over the bank holiday weekend, I finally made time to sit, read and comment on some of my favourite blogs. 

And we're done! I hope you're all having wonderful weeks so far, if something has made your week extra special, let myself and the rest of the crew* know by sharing your #wonderfulwednesday moments on Twitter

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