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I'm currently in bed, listening to the birds chirping away, trying to put in to words how I feel about what happened on Monday and I can't. I just feel that at times like this it seems even more important to show gratitude, celebrate the small things, and find the beautiful amongst the wicked. 

Shall we?

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Lunch in the Sun 

Wasn't the weather bloomin' lovely on Monday?! I took advantage of the clear blue skies and drove to the local lakes on my lunch break. I went for a little walk then picked a spot on a hill and read my book in the sun.

I used to go for walks on my lunch break quite often but I tend to stop when it gets too cold. Now the weather is improving slightly, I think I might start heading out on my lunch breaks more frequently and if I'm honest with myself, I need the exercise!

A Spring Clean 

I finally tackled my closet (again) and put together another two bags for the charity shop. It always feels so good after you have a big clear out!


My first trip to New York was on my 18th birthday, I went with my psychology class on an 'educational' trip. I think we were supposed to be studying 'american culture' or something but I have a sneaky feeling the teacher's just wanted an excuse to do a hefty amount of shopping. 

There's not a lot of places I'd return to but as soon as I stepped off the plane, boarded the coach and saw the skyline, I knew it wasn't going to be my last time in New York and it isn't! In less than 10 days time, I'll be jetting off with G, my Mum and her partner Steve to explore the big apple once more.

New York City Skyline 

Here's why I'm looking forward to going back...


Going to New York the first time was fun (obviously, it's NYC!) but it was a school trip. It meant spending time with your classmates and your teachers and whilst that was great, it's not the same as sharing the experience with your nearest and dearest. As mentioned before, I'll be returning with G, my Mum and her partner Steve. This is the first time we'll be going away together and I'm so excited!


I've just found out that it's around 32 degrees in New York and it's put me in panic mode. I knew it would be warm when we go but I didn't think it would be THAT hot. Some of you will probably be thinking 'what the feck is she moaning about?!' but you know what, you didn't just spend three months buying clothes that would go with a pair of Nike's and a good ol' pair of jeans. 

I'm just going to have to use what I've got and pray that the temperatures don't go above 20 degrees when we get there. In the meantime, let's take a look on the brighter side of this week so far...

JP Cooper 

Oh be still my beating heart. You know how emoji's have names, well the eye heart emoji should be called JP Cooper's voice. Honestly, Passport Home can turn my frown upside down in seconds. 


Another sound that's been making me super happy, is the sound of rain. I was in bed, battling my tonsilitis, and out of nowhere it just started raining. It only lasted a few seconds but it was rather lovely and makes me want a conservatory even more. 


Happy Saturday! It's been a while, I missed my Wonderful Wednesday post this week and was gutted because I had SO many good things to talk about. Being ill really does take it's toll on you, I was sent home on Tuesday and just burst in to tears because I felt so off. I didn't have the energy to eat chocolate (I know right), let alone blog. 

However, I went to the doctor's on Friday, they told me I had tonsilitis and sent me home with a prescription for penicillin and it seems to be doing the trick, I feel more human already! 

blickling estate national trust

On the bright side, at least I got ill now and not in two weeks time when we fly off to New York (touch wood). I don't normally get excited till the week before we go away but I really just want to be on that plane. We have pretty much everything sorted, apart from our City Passes and those dollar dollar bills ya'll (so I watched Nerve this week and it was pretty good, if you're flicking through Netflix and can't find anything, Nerve is the one). 


Myself and G both love going away and always look for somewhere really nice to stay (wahey, I'm a poet and I didn't know it). When searching for accommodation in Norfolk, I came across quite a few B&B's and Hotels but they weren't really tickling my fancy. Then I found Dairy Barns and instantly fell in love. 

I have an obsession with barns, I plan to get married in one and it would be an absolute dream come true if eventually I could call a converted barn my home, so when I saw Swallows Nest, I knew I had to stay there. I quickly sent the link to G and within a matter of seconds, the room was ours. 

accommodation norfolk the dairy barns 
I say room, it was more like a mini house! In fact, if you installed a kitchen, a couple could live in the space quite comfortably. 

Dairy Barns B&B is located in Hickling, between the Norfolk Broads and the Norfolk coastline. It is a little bit out in the sticks. However, there are plenty of pubs and restaurants about a 10 minute drive away. You can be at Sea Palling coastline within a 5-10 minute drive and if you're a fan of the National Trust, Dairy Barns is only a 10 minute drive from Horsey Windpump

On arrival, we were greeted by Peter, the owner's Dad, he showed us to our room and went through all the little bits and bobs with us, including the most important, how to order breakfast!


Happy Wednesday! It's the first wonderful list of May and I'm raring to go, albeit a bit sniffly!

Shall we? 

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Pretty Underwear 

If pretty underwear can't make you happy then what can? 

I picked up a few matching sets from George and I just love how fancy they make me feel. I know you should splurge on your underwear but when there's more important things to buy, like bread and washing powder (welcome to adulthood), I'm not really left with much choice. Luckily, the sets in George are super lovely and very affordable! 


This stuff is ah-maze-ing

Myself and G always make sure we have an Otrivine spray to hand because when that blocked nose comes a'creepin', it's the only thing that can make us feel human again. 
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