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My first trip to New York was on my 18th birthday, I went with my psychology class on an 'educational' trip. I think we were supposed to be studying 'american culture' or something but I have a sneaky feeling the teacher's just wanted an excuse to do a hefty amount of shopping. 

There's not a lot of places I'd return to but as soon as I stepped off the plane, boarded the coach and saw the skyline, I knew it wasn't going to be my last time in New York and it isn't! In less than 10 days time, I'll be jetting off with G, my Mum and her partner Steve to explore the big apple once more.

New York City Skyline 

Here's why I'm looking forward to going back...


Going to New York the first time was fun (obviously, it's NYC!) but it was a school trip. It meant spending time with your classmates and your teachers and whilst that was great, it's not the same as sharing the experience with your nearest and dearest. As mentioned before, I'll be returning with G, my Mum and her partner Steve. This is the first time we'll be going away together and I'm so excited!


The last time I went, almost all of our meals had already been chosen. I can understand why they did this but it didn't give us a lot of choice and most of the restaurants we ate in were chain restaurants, like Hard Rock Cafe and Bubba Gump. I'm looking forward to dining in a few different restaurants and I can't wait to get stuck in to a bagel or two!

New York City

I'm legal in the USA! 

Although I was legal in the UK when I first went to NYC, I could only enjoy a vodka and lemonade on the plane journey there. I don't drink a lot but I'm looking forward to sipping a cocktail or two on a roof top bar, soaking in the beautiful sights!

The Time of Year

When I visited NYC the first time round, it was February and it was absolute freezing. I'm looking forward to exploring the city without a big fluffy coat, I just hope it doesn't get too warm. I've seen that the temperatures are reaching 30 degrees and it's put me in panic mode, have I got the right clothing? Do I need a pair of sandals? How am I going to find a comfortable pair that still look kind of trendy? Sometimes, I forget that I'm going to know, one of the most famous shopping destinations in the world...


I think the main reason I'm looking forward to going back, is having that little bit more freedom and being able to explore the city at our own pace. We know what sights we want to see and already have our trip to Liberty booked but it'll be nice to not have to stick to an itinerary!

I feel so lucky that I'm visiting New York City for the second time, I think it's going to be even better this time around! Eeeek, HASHTAG EXCITEMENT.

Grand Central Terminal 

Have you ever been to New York? Would you return to the big apple? Have you got any recommendations for me? Comment below or tweet me!