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Happy Wednesday! It's the first wonderful list of May and I'm raring to go, albeit a bit sniffly!

Shall we? 

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Pretty Underwear 

If pretty underwear can't make you happy then what can? 

I picked up a few matching sets from George and I just love how fancy they make me feel. I know you should splurge on your underwear but when there's more important things to buy, like bread and washing powder (welcome to adulthood), I'm not really left with much choice. Luckily, the sets in George are super lovely and very affordable! 


This stuff is ah-maze-ing

Myself and G always make sure we have an Otrivine spray to hand because when that blocked nose comes a'creepin', it's the only thing that can make us feel human again. 

No Sat Nav 

I rely on my sat nav A LOT but this weekend, I found my way back from Biggleswade all by myself and I even stopped off in Baldock before finally returning home. I know this might not seem a lot to some but I freak out if I go in the wrong direction, turns out my memory is actually a lot better than I thought. (How many times can I say a lot in one paragraph?)


I had a little trim at the weekend and my hairdresser asked if I'd like some bouncy curls. I was her last customer of the day so she could have shut up shop and gone home but she didn't, she wanted to do something nice and well, I wasn't going to refuse. Sonia even took the time to show me how to curl my hair properly. it was such a lovely thing for her to do. 

Winning Foodies Festival Tickets 

I was so surprised when I found out I had won a pair of tickets to the Foodies Festival because I hardly win anything! I'm waiting for someone to contact me but I'm hoping to go to the one in Oxford with G at the beginning of September. EEK. FOOD. MUSIC. SO MUCH EXCITEMENT. 

Fresh Air 

Ah, last but not least...fresh air. Even though it makes me hella tired, I absolutely love it. Our trip to Norfolk at the weekend involved lots of breathing in fresh air (thanks Otrivine) and windy walks on the beach. I have a feeling we'll end up living by the coast, whether that's before we have children or when we retire I'm not sure, it just...fits

Aaaaand we're done! How has your week been so far? Share your #wonderfulwednesday moments with myself and the rest of the crew* on Twitter.

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