Blooming El



I'm currently in bed, listening to the birds chirping away, trying to put in to words how I feel about what happened on Monday and I can't. I just feel that at times like this it seems even more important to show gratitude, celebrate the small things, and find the beautiful amongst the wicked. 

Shall we?

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Lunch in the Sun 

Wasn't the weather bloomin' lovely on Monday?! I took advantage of the clear blue skies and drove to the local lakes on my lunch break. I went for a little walk then picked a spot on a hill and read my book in the sun.

I used to go for walks on my lunch break quite often but I tend to stop when it gets too cold. Now the weather is improving slightly, I think I might start heading out on my lunch breaks more frequently and if I'm honest with myself, I need the exercise!

A Spring Clean 

I finally tackled my closet (again) and put together another two bags for the charity shop. It always feels so good after you have a big clear out!

Feeling Better 

I'm finally back to normal after weeks of tonsillitis and coughing fits, hooray! I feel like I let myself go a little when I get ill, I just don't have the energy to make myself look or feel better.

When I felt well enough, I whipped out my exfoliating scrub and made my face super soft, then I popped a bit of colour on my footsies and wrapped myself up in my beautiful new dressing gown (and yes I did buy the matching nightdress). 

Dreamgirls Soundtrack 

The Dreamgirls soundtrack puts me in such a good mood. I have loved singing along to 'Dreamgirls' and 'Love You I Do' on the way to work. If I'm happy on the way to work, I'm more than likely going to have a good day at work!

A Post Being Shared

I recently blogged about mine and G's stay at Dairy Barns in Norfolk. It wasn't a sponsored post at all, I just wanted to share my experience with you all because it was so lovely. I was on the Facebook page for Dairy Barns earlier this week and saw that they had shared my blog post.

This little internet space of mine isn't very big so when someone likes, shares, or comments on one of my posts, it makes me feel pretty fab.

Aaaand we're done! The wonderfulness doesn't have to stop here though, don't forget to check out what's been making the rest of the crew* smile and if you want to get involved, share your #wonderfulwednesday moments with us on Twitter!

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