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Blimey, is it that time already?! I had prepared a normal #wonderfulwednesday, then I realised it was the last Wednesday of the month and that I should be doing a juicy roundup of ALL the wonderful moments. 

Without further ado, I give you June's best bits...

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New York (and capturing that picture above)

I can't do a June roundup of wonderfulness without including New York now, can I?! We went at the beginning of the month and I've nearly finished my series of blog posts on the trip. We had such an awesome time and it'll be a trip that I'll always remember. 

The picture above is one of my favourite photos. I just feel like it captures every part of the city. 

Instagram Love

I had a little fan girl moment yesterday when Ellie Morag liked one of my photos. If you don't follow Ellie, she is a photographer based in Scotland and I ADORE her. Her work is awesome and her little instagram stories are so lovely! 


G and I ordered breakfast in bed the following morning, as we were super tired. New York City may be the city that never sleeps but we certainly needed to hit the hay!

After our slow morning, we walked The High Line. It used to be a railway track many moons ago, used for transporting cargo or something like that. Eventually, the cargo stopped coming so it was left derelict until some pretty cool guys came along and transformed it into a public walkway / park / sunbathing and event area.

new york high line

the high line america


Happy Wednesday all! How have you been? Hot? Sweaty? A bit huffy and puffy? Yep, me too. 

Whilst I've moaned about the heat constantly, I do have some happy bits to harp on about so let's get to it!

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Fans Fans Fans

Well, it's just the one fan actually and it has been a LIFE SAVER during this heatwave.

New Hair

I got the chop and I'm actually really pleased with it! I wasn't expecting to go short when I booked the appointment but by the time it came around, I thought I needed a change! I loved having longish hair but when you don't do anything with it, it just kind of hangs there..looking all dull. 

Today is the first time I'm actually wearing my hair down. I've been sticking it up in buns and ponytails to try to keep cool! #whenwillthisend


Wow. I didn't realise I had SO much NYC stuff to talk about. After drafting one big ol' bulky post, I decided that it was far too long and thought I'd split it into sections. I'll also put together a little NYC tips and tricks style post but for now, here's what we did in New York on days 1 and 2!

If you've read my 'What I'm Looking Forward To' post, you would know that this wasn't my first time in New York. I actually visited the city four years ago as part of a school trip. Although I had fun the first time round, this time was definitely better! 

The weather was beautiful, blue skies all round (well eventually - we did have to endure one very cloudy can't-see-the-skyscrapers kind of day!) and I enjoyed sharing the city with G, my Mum and her partner Steve. 

uk lifetstyle blog blooming el

We arrived at JFK at about half 12 but didn't get to our hotel till three hours later *insert eye roll emoji here*. The traffic was an absolute nightmare, no wonder New Yorkers are constantly tooting their horns! 

Our hotel was really lovely and had those modern 'cosmo' kind of vibes throughout. We had a little rest, unpacked our stuff and then headed out in the early evening to Times Square for a bit of dinner.

We opted for Hard Rock Cafe purely because it was right in the centre of Times Square and we kind of knew what to expect. Once we'd stuffed our faces and the boys had tried a cocktail or two, we headed back to the hotel to get some rest for our first day in the big apple!


Happy hump day and more importantly, happy wonderful wednesday! How are you all? Are you keeping well? I feel like I'm finally on UK time after coming back from New York and have been waking up at my normal time which is fab!

Do you know what else is fab? Celebrating the small things in our week! Shall we? 

uk lifestyle wonderful wednesday post

Food Glorious Food

hot sausage and mustard! 

This week has been all about the food. From lunch with G to mexican with Georgie, two birthday dinners and a Saturday morning breakfast, I feel like I've eaten out A LOT recently. I'm not complaining though, in fact I'm already looking at mine and G's dining options for Friday evening. 


This show needs to be on all the time, or at LEAST twice a year because I just love it. G and I finished the new series of Orange is the New Black in two days and now we're a bit lost and unsure what to do with ourselves. 


Long time no speak! How are you all? Sorry I missed the last Wonderful Wednesday but I was busy exploring the city of New York.

We've been back in the UK since Sunday morning and whilst I'm still feeling a little on the tired side, I thought it'd be best to get back in to my #wonderfulwednesday routine sooner rather than later!

uk lifetstyle blog blooming el

Shake Shack

We lost our Shack Shack v cards whilst in America and I couldn't resist getting one before we flew home. Oh em gee, their burgers are the best, their milkshakes are beautiful and their fries are just bloody amazing. It's fast food that doesn't taste like typical fast food - what more could you want? 

My* Own Bed

Returning home on Sunday morning and slipping in to *our own bed was the best feeling ever. No matter how fancy your hotel is, or how cosy your cottage is, you can never beat your own bed at home. 
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