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Wow. I didn't realise I had SO much NYC stuff to talk about. After drafting one big ol' bulky post, I decided that it was far too long and thought I'd split it into sections. I'll also put together a little NYC tips and tricks style post but for now, here's what we did in New York on days 1 and 2!

If you've read my 'What I'm Looking Forward To' post, you would know that this wasn't my first time in New York. I actually visited the city four years ago as part of a school trip. Although I had fun the first time round, this time was definitely better! 

The weather was beautiful, blue skies all round (well eventually - we did have to endure one very cloudy can't-see-the-skyscrapers kind of day!) and I enjoyed sharing the city with G, my Mum and her partner Steve. 

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We arrived at JFK at about half 12 but didn't get to our hotel till three hours later *insert eye roll emoji here*. The traffic was an absolute nightmare, no wonder New Yorkers are constantly tooting their horns! 

Our hotel was really lovely and had those modern 'cosmo' kind of vibes throughout. We had a little rest, unpacked our stuff and then headed out in the early evening to Times Square for a bit of dinner.

We opted for Hard Rock Cafe purely because it was right in the centre of Times Square and we kind of knew what to expect. Once we'd stuffed our faces and the boys had tried a cocktail or two, we headed back to the hotel to get some rest for our first day in the big apple!

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We had booked Statue of Liberty in advance, so on our first full day we sought bagels for breakfast and set off on our way right to the bottom of the island. 

We stopped off along the way at the 9/11 Memorial and Museum. It felt a lot different to when I first visited New York. For a start, the museum wasn't open and the Survivor Tree had grown one hell of a lot.

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We finally arrived at Battery Park at 12 (we'd left the bagel shop at about half 9!) and they were already calling those on the 1 o'clock ferry to join the security queue, so we'd got there at a good time! 

The view of Manhattan from Liberty Island is stunning, definitely better than Brooklyn Bridge. I was lucky enough to actually go to Liberty Island this time and get up close and personal with the lady herself!

My Mum and Steve stayed on Liberty Island and went up to the pedestal but, not wanting to go through ANOTHER security line, me and G headed back to Manhattan. 

We were going to walk all the way back to our hotel but it was far too hot, so we got a taxi the rest of the way and crashed out at our hotel. 

I think the heat must have really taken it out of us because we woke up from our 'nap' at 9pm (major fail). Absolutely starving, we headed to McDonald's for a quick bite to eat. 

On the way, we could see the Empire State building all lit up and looking rather lovely amongst the dull, grey tones of the rest of the buildings. As we'd already lost quite a few hours earlier on in the day, we didn't want to waste the rest of the evening, so after we'd refuelled, we went back to the hotel, jumped in the shower and headed back towards the Empire State. 

I was really surprised at how quiet it was, there was hardly anybody in the queue which meant we managed to get to the observation deck pretty quickly!

When I visited last time, we went to the Empire State building during the day and whilst the views were amazing, they did not compare to the views at night!