Blooming El



Blimey, is it that time already?! I had prepared a normal #wonderfulwednesday, then I realised it was the last Wednesday of the month and that I should be doing a juicy roundup of ALL the wonderful moments. 

Without further ado, I give you June's best bits...

wonderful wednesday blooming el

New York (and capturing that picture above)

I can't do a June roundup of wonderfulness without including New York now, can I?! We went at the beginning of the month and I've nearly finished my series of blog posts on the trip. We had such an awesome time and it'll be a trip that I'll always remember. 

The picture above is one of my favourite photos. I just feel like it captures every part of the city. 

Instagram Love

I had a little fan girl moment yesterday when Ellie Morag liked one of my photos. If you don't follow Ellie, she is a photographer based in Scotland and I ADORE her. Her work is awesome and her little instagram stories are so lovely! 

A Pay Rise

I'm not really one to discuss my job on the Internet but it's a big part of my life and this month, all my hard work finally payed off. I received a little payrise! I say little because it's not massive but it's something and it'll be a big help. 

Celebrating Four Years

We had a lot of celebrations this month - G's birthday, my Mum's birthday and last but not least, our anniversary! I can't believe I've been with my little darling for four years, it's just mad how time goes so quickly! 

I'm hoping that by the time we celebrate our five year anniversary, we'll be in our own little place!

Getting Creative at Work 

We've been getting very creative at work this month and I am loving it. We've been scriptwriting, designing worksheets and creating a new mascot. I feel like I'm in my element when I get to be creative and come up with new ideas (plus it's much better than sending follow up emails!)

Love Island

THIS SHOW. Right, so normally I'd be like 'ugh, what a load of trash' BUT I LOVE IT. I've even roped G in to watching it, he moans about it constantly but I think he secretly loves it. 

And we're done! June was a lovely month full of wonderful moments and I'll be sad to see it go. For now, you can still enjoy celebrating the small things with the rest of the crew* and if you want to join in yourself, just Tweet us!

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