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My first scrapbook was a large A3 book, with pages of multicoloured craft paper inside. I used it to document a Pontins trip that both of my Nans had taken me and my brother on. 

I tore pages from my journal and stuck them next to 6×4's that I had waited to be developed. I still have it and I pull it out of my crowded closet every now and then, just to take a look and remind myself of how times have changed. 

Memories are now recorded digitally. Instead of printing photos, you Instagram them. Instead of writing a journal, you tweet or write a blog post. 

scrapbooking for adults

When I got with G, I knew I wanted something to record our special moments. Something concrete, that couldn't accidentally be deleted. 

I bought a small scrapbook from Hobbycraft and gave it to him on our first Valentine's day. I filled it with song lyrics, letters and the odd receipt from date nights. 

Then, we got the travel bug and our memory scrapbook reached a whole new level!

Date night receipts turned in to boarding passes, love notes in to attraction tickets and song lyrics became souvenir coins. Gareth also started taking over the scrapbooking and I have to admit, he is much better at it than I am! 

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Among the receipts and tickets, there are a few standard photographs but as our scrapbook is quite small, the photos take up quite a lot of room. I love physical photographs and I think physical prints and scrapbooking kind of go hand in hand. 

Printiki recently got in touch and told me about their polaroid prints*. At last, we had the solution to our big picture problem! 

Printiki allow you to print your photos in a variety of sizes, as well as offering you the opportunity to create your own photo books or posters! 

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printiki prints for scrapbooking

I used my Instagram account to upload various holiday snaps to the Printiki website - from New York, Wales, Budapest and Norfolk. 

Within a week, the prints were proudly displayed in our scrapbook! I think the 4x4 polaroid prints are the ideal size for our little scrapbook, plus I think the polaroids look super cute! 

scrapbook for couples

scrapbooking for adults

I'll definitely be heading back to Printiki to print some more snaps. They look fab in our scrapbook but I think they'd look awesome in one of these peg style frames or as part of a centerpiece at a party or a wedding.

If you're thinking of grabbing yourself some prints but aren't sure where to display them, check out Printiki's Instagram, there are plenty of ideas that will inspire you to get creative!

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Do you have a scrapbook? What do you include in yours? Do you like polaroid prints? Will you give Printiki a go? Comment below or tweet me!

*Printiki kindly gifted me 30 Square M prints but all opinions and scrapbooking are my own (and G's!)