Blooming El



On Saturday, myself and G went to see Top Gun at Chesfield Downs. It was the first time Chesfield Downs had put on an open air cinema event and the first time that we'd been to one! 

The tickets were £12 each and included one soft drink and a bag of popcorn each. I thought it was a pretty sweet deal, considering it would cost you a lot more if you went to a standard chain cinema! 

We were one of the first couples to arrive, so we managed to bag ourselves a pretty decent spot right in the middle! 

We popped our picnic blanket down and made ourselves comfy (this included kicking our shoes off and using them as drink holders #geniusidea). 

The open air cinema was set on the driving range, with the screen centre stage, they had various food and drink options on either side. These included a Pimms and Prosecco stall, a bar, a BBQ and an ice cream van. I would have loved to have bought a big jug of Pimms but I doubt G would have enjoyed it much and plus, I was am always designated driver.

Having not eaten much during the day, I picked up a cheeseburger and chips from the BBQ stall, both were pretty dishy!

We had arrived at half six, which is when the doors opened, but the film didn't start till eight, so we had a good hour and a bit to just chill in the evening sun and enjoy the pretty banging playlist that was on offer. HIGHWAY TO THE DANGER ZONE!

G, being the big kid that he is, popped over to the ice cream van and bought us an ice cream boat to share. A BOAT. I had a few spoonfuls and demolished the flake but I couldn't stomach much more, it was pretty tasty though...and did I mention it was in a boat? A BOAT GUYS. 

Finally, it was show time! I've only seen Top Gun once so to see it on a big screen, outside on a picnic blanket was pretty cool. Plus, young Tom Cruise is alright to look at so...

Overall, I was pretty impressed with the event, considering it was a first for them! I'd definitely go to another one, it's just such a nice way to spend an evening and it doesn't break the bank either! 

Have you ever been to an open air cinema? What was your experience like?