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Happy Wonderful Wednesday all! I cannot believe we're in July already, this year is just zooming by and it almost doesn't feel real. It's as if this year is just a quick rehearsal before the big show or it could be that we're having so much fun, the time is just flying by!

Anyway, shall we get down to business? 

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Fresh Bread

You can't beat a slice of fresh bread can you? I enjoyed a large slice, coated in butter before my dinner yesterday and it was SO good. I may have helped myself to another slice after dinner too...

Being Productive

Even though I didn't get out of my bed till 1 o'clock on Sunday, I ended up being super productive. I cleaned the house from top to bottom, did a pretty big food shop, read AND commented on some blog posts and wrote a few of my own too! It felt really good to actually do something with my day...well what was left of it!

New Rug Softness

My Mum bought a new rug recently and it's SO SOFT. Every now and then, I just like to stand on it and soak in all its softness. 

When I say I like to celebrate the small things, it really can be the smallest of things.

Evening Sun

It seems everything is a little bit backwards with the weather at the minute. Cloudy during the day, then bright sunshine past four o'clock. 

Although I'm not a massive lover of the heat (Autumn come at me), I do love sunshine and bright blue skies and we have been blessed with both recently!

Lola's Cupcakes 

G went to Reading for work on Friday and on the way back, he stopped off at the Lola's Cupcakes stall at Kings Cross. I love Lola's Cupcakes so it was a lovely little treat to finish off the week! 

That's all for this week but as always, the wonderfulness doesn't have to stop there. Don't forget to drop by the rest of the crews* blogs to find out what's been making them smile and if you fancy joining in yourself, share your #wonderfulwednesday moments with us on Twitter!