Blooming El



Good morning! I am currently laying in bed, waiting to get up for work and finishing off this week's wonderful list. 

There seems to be a heavy weather theme this week! Shall we crack on? 

A Beautiful Sunset 

For the next two months or so, I will be working occasional nights and weekends to complete some of our filming in time for September. I enjoy being on shoots but giving up my Sunday was a bit of a struggle this week.

However, my hard work (I say hard work, I just sit there and shout lines at people if they get them wrong) was rewarded by the most BEAUTIFUL sunset on the way home from Henlow. The sun, a burnt orange, sat in the middle of a blue, pink, and purple sky. 

I am a little gutted that I couldn't snap a picture (the above photo was taken a few days before) but at the same time, it's quite nice that I can keep the image all to myself (and the rest of those on the motorway). 

R&B Party Starters

The above is the name of a station on Google Play Music and I am LOVING it. It features TLC, Ne-Yo, and my favourite jam on the playlist 'Give It to Me' by Nelly Furtado, Timbaland, and MR JT.

Lunch in the Sun 

I'm not one for sitting outside and eating at a restaurant or pub. However, it was a lovely day on Monday, so myself and work colleagues decided to eat our grub in the sun. We visited a new place in our local town called Rump and Wade and the food was really good! 

Thunder and Lightening 

At last! I have been waiting for thunder and lightening for ages and last night, we finally had some! 

The thought of our house bring struck but lightening terrifies me but there's just something so cosy about being in bed and listening to heavy rain and the sound of thunder. 

That's all for this week, short and sweet again! However, as always, the wonderfulness doesn't have to stop there! Check out the rest of the crews* posts to see what's been making them smile this week AND if you want to join in, share your #wonderfulwednesday moments with us on Twitter!