Blooming El



I'm currently sat on my bed, listening to JP Cooper (absolute babe), the sun is bouncing off my open window and I'm whatsapping two of the best girls in the world (I'm looking at you Hopwood and Le Roux)

This is probably one of my favourite Wonderful Wednesday posts I've written and not because of what's in it but because I've thoroughly enjoyed writing it and everything else that is going on around me. 

Shall we #crackon? (I'm still not over the fact Love Island is finished). 

wonderful wednesday blooming el

A Good Sleep 

Oh my. I had the most amazing sleep on Saturday night. If you've seen my Instagram, you'd know that I've been working outside of my normal 9-5 and whilst I don't really do that much, it's still tiring. 

After work on Saturday, I chilled with G, watched a few episodes of Power (seriously, you need to start watching it), then we shut the blinds, closed the curtains and had the best nights sleep. I definitely needed it! 

The Sky 

This week, I realised that I really love taking photos of the sky, especially in the early evening. Every time I've looked up, or on my way home, the sky has just looked so bloomin' beautiful. 

Magic FM 

I'm a sucker for classic 80's and 90's tunes and Magic FM delivered the goods on Monday. I was alone in the office, which meant I had full control over what I listened to. Normally, we stick Capital on but the repeats get a little annoying after a while. I chose Magic and busted a few moves in my chair to Simple Minds and Mariah Carey. 

Doing Nothing 

Can you do nothing? Is that the right term? I suppose I should say 'doing very little'. 

On Sunday, I had such a chilled day and it was GLORIOUS. I woke up at about 9 o'clock, after my beautiful nights sleep, my Mum made me a boiled egg (and soldiers obvs), then I watched the rest of Jane the Virgin season three and caught up with some blog reading. It was really nice to just not do anything and to not have to think about anything work related!


My friend Georgie sent me the link to the Riverdale trailer earlier this week and UH if Jughead's voice doesn't get you all excited I don't know what will! 

Then I saw the Stranger Things trailer pop up on my Twitter timeline, I wasn't a massive fan of the last series, I enjoyed it but I didn't really like the ending BUT anyho, the new series looks pretty awesome and last but by no means least, G showed me The Walking Dead trailer! OH EM GEE, I AM SO READY FOR THIS BATTLE. 

I might be a bit MIA over October but there's no need to be worried, I just have A LOT to watch. 

A Welsh Getaway 

Myself and G decided that after everything has settled down with work, we should go away for a little bit of R&R. After several days of scrolling through the many lodges and cottages that Hoseasons had to offer, we finally settled on a Slate House Lodge in Powys. 

We go on the first week of October and I cannot wait. Our last getaway to Wales remains one of my favourite holidays. I'm excited for countryside walks, evenings in the hot tub, and eating comfort food on a sofa covered in blankets. 

That's it! I'm all out of wonderful things! If you still haven't had enough dose of lovely, happy things then check out the rest of the crews* blogs AND don't forget to join in yourself! Share your #wonderfulwednesday moments with us on Twitter.