Blooming El



A bottom drawer, for those of you who don't know, is a place where you keep everything for your future. It used to be a place for women to store household linen for their future marriage. I've had one since I met G and that was four years ago, what used to be a bottom drawer has now turned in to a bottom closet! 

We have plastic boxes upon plastic boxes and they're getting so high that it's limiting the amount of clothes we can hang on the rail. I cannot wait till we have our own place and I can finally get some wardrobe space back! 

I thought I'd share with you my top 5 tips for keeping a bottom drawer, just in case you're thinking of starting one...

1. Leave the Big Items Till Last 

I feel like this is an obvious one but unless your bottom drawer (or closet) is the size of a garage, you probably want to save the microwaves and sofas till last. Get all the little bits out of the way, then once you've found a place, you can measure everything properly and start searching for the perfect three piece suite! 

2. Keep an Inventory 

There has been several occasions where I've said to G 'oo let's get this, we haven't got one' to which he's replied 'babe, we bought one of those ages ago'. Memory like a sieve, I tell ya. 

To stop more events like this happening, I put together a little inventory. It's on Google Sheets so I can access it wherever I am. I split it in to rooms as I felt this was the easiest way to keep a track of things. We can now see what we've bought and what we need to buy!

I did create an inventory template but I'm not a computer whizz and couldn't work out the best way to share it with you all. If you'd like a copy, just get in touch and I'll send it across!

3. Shop Little and Often 

Instead of having one massive shopping spree, try and pick up little bits here and there, impulse buys are the best when you're shopping for your bottom drawer! Most of our things have been bought when doing the food shop or if we've popped in to B&M Bargains for a mooch. The print above was purchased during a visit to the seaside!

Look out for sales too, especially at places like Asda, Dunelm, and Matalan. I picked up a large amount of bath and hand towels in one of the Asda sales and our espresso mugs were on offer in Dunelm! 

4. Use Your Items as Storage 

Make use of the items you already have or have bought specifically for your future home. Cookie jars, suitcases, trinket boxes - all of these items double up as storage! We have fridge magnets in our cookie jar and bath towels in our suitcases.

Old shoe boxes are very handy if you don't want to splash out on big plastic boxes too! 

5. Don't Choose a Colour Scheme 

Some smart bugger once said that change is the only constant. Just like your taste buds and your mood, your style will change too. What you like now, you might not like in a few months, or a few years time.

When we first started buying stuff for our future home, I went with a 'purple' theme for the kitchen. Cutlery, cheese grater, mug tree (why we bought this in the first place I don't know), utensils etc and now I hate it. Silver and cream are good colours people, stick with them.

I hope you've found these little tips useful, if you have any of your own then please share them with me!

Are you planning on moving out soon? Do you have a bottom drawer? Comment below or tweet me!