Blooming El



How am I on number 40 of these posts already?! It feels like only yesterday that I joined the #wonderfulwednesday crew, oh how time flies when you're celebrating the small things! 

 Happy August guys! (I know, I can't believe it either). Shall we get to it? YEAH LETS. 

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Surprise Bargains

I spotted this jumper on the New Look website a few weeks ago but it wasn't available in my size.

On Sunday, I popped in to town for a little mooch and among the New Look sale rails, I found the jumper! It was the only one left, it was in my size AND the label said it was £10 but when I got to the till it was only £6, absolute bargain!

I'm thinking the jumper would be perfect for our little Welsh retreat at the beginning of October. I'm also after a new raincoat come parka come warm coat, so if you have any recommendations please send them my way! 

Being Organised

If you follow me on Instagram, you'd know that I spent most of my weekend sorting through everything myself and G have bought for our future home.

I took everything out of our closet, took photos and made a note of each item in a cute little spreadsheet. I was surprised at how much stuff we actually have, it really is only the big stuff left!

It was a tiring job and I wish I had done it sooner but at least I know where we're at. Plus I won't be buying duplicates now!

Perfect Timing

I finally sat down at half six on Sunday, after my little inventory. I switched on the TV and found that Diana, Our Mother had just started.

I rarely find anything to watch on television (more of a Netflix series kind of gal) but I was glad I caught the Diana programme because it was something I had wanted to watch.

A Sprint

Yesterday, I was filming at my local athletics track.  Myself and my boss had a little sprint and even though it was just for a laugh, it actually felt really good!

I'm gutted I missed out on the adult race at the end though, I totally would've lost but it would've been fun! Maybe next time...

My Bed

I have never been more grateful for my bed. These past few weeks, I've just been so tired and I've felt like I haven't had a proper rest, what with working all those extra hours. 

Being able to jump into a warm, cosy bed at the end of the day is just the best feeling. Cuddles are a bonus!

That's all for this week but as usual, there's still a whole heap of wonderful out there! Don't forget to check out the rest of the crews* blogs AND if you want to join in yourself, share your #wonderfulwednesday moments with us on Twitter!