Blooming El



Boy am I glad to be home. I've spent most of the day sitting down, trying to supervise fourteen children (who get bored very easily) yet I managed to come home sweating and feeling like I'd been running around all day. How, I don't know. 

I quickly got changed, then headed down to our new Debenhams store for a little preview. It opens officially on Thursday and I just know I'll be spending a lot of time in the homeware section. I've already spied a few pillows and throws I like...nice presents for our bedroom, not so nice for our bank account!

Shall we get on with the wonderful? 

New Pyjamas

I'm not sure what the EXACT conversation was between me and G on Sunday night but it went something like this...

G: 'What am I going to do with you?'
Me: 'You're going to buy me nice pyjamas and a big chocolate fudge cake'.

I came home on Monday to find a brand new pair of pyjamas waiting for me and a slice of fudge cake in the fridge. I know I was only messing about but bless G's little heart. The pyjama bottoms have pockets and the cake was delightful. 10 points to the G man. 

Girl Gang Chat

I have been looking out for a Girl Gang chat for ages but there didn't seem to be any on (unless I just missed them completely).

On Monday, I was scrolling through twitter before dinner and I saw that there was a Girl Gang chat all about Autumn. I hit #thegirlgang hashtag and got stuck right in.

Time to Relax

Thank the heavens for my three day weekend. I did sweet FA and it was wonderful. As I've mentioned, probably far too many times, I've been working A LOT recently, so a few days of doing nothing was just what I needed.

I also completely forgot that it's a bank holiday weekend this week, so I get another three day weekend #excitement.

A New Look 

You may have noticed that I've changed my colour scheme here on Blooming El. I'm not sure why I went for pink in the first place, perhaps it was the original template colour. 

I still like the colour pink but I feel that the new blue (it may seem green on your phone) is much more me. It's my favourite colour and a little bit more...cosy, shall we say? 


Nope, not the food kind, the movie kind. I was trying to avoid cleaning my room on Sunday, I had just finished my lunch and was slowly peeling myself away from the sofa, when Honey came on TV. It's one of my favourite films, so I took it as a sign that I wasn't supposed to clean my room...naughty Els! 

Mid week roast

There's something about having a roast half way through the week that just gives me all the fuzzy feelings. Potatoes, Yorkshire puds and lashings of gravy. Delish!

THAT Jumper 

I mentioned the jumper, pictured above, in a previous #wonderfulwednesday post and I'm mentioning it again because I LOVE IT. I felt the cold quite a bit in the house this weekend and I never put the heating on if it's just me in, so I snuck my cosy little jumper on and voila, I was warm again! 

That's it, I'm all out of wonderful! Hop on over to the rest of the crews* blogs to find out what's been making their weeks extra special and if you want to get involved, share your wonderful moments with us on Twitter!

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