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This is me. Eleanor, El, Eles, Elzbellz, Mole.

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I'm kind, generous, and positive. I'm paranoid, lazy, and impatient. I worry, a lot. I swear constantly. I'm a better listener than I am a talker. I like my music loud. I like staying in and lounging on the sofa. I'm creative. I'm textbook smart but have no common sense. 

I still sing and dance in my bedroom like I did 15 years ago. If I could live in pyjamas, I definitely would. I like going for walks and discovering new places. I've watched Hollyoaks religiously since I was about 10 and will most likely continue watching it till I'm well over 40.

I've fancied Justin Timberlake since I was in primary school. I'm not a big drinker. I find the sound of heavy rain extremely relaxing. If I'm in a bad mood, it's probably because I haven't had anything to eat. I can't stand Lush products. I don't drink tea or coffee. My wardrobe is mainly made up of stripes, florals, and jumpers. 

uk lifestyle blog

I've never used an eyebrow pencil and I don't know what contouring is. When I say I'm going to curl my hair, I really mean I'm going to twirl some strands around my straighteners and hope for the best. My stomach isn't toned and my thighs are covered in stretchmarks. My teeth are a little wonky because I got lazy with my retainer. I buy things I don't need then complain about the lack of money in my account. 

I'm really bad at exercising and was once overtaken by a pensioner in a swimming pool. My music taste is varied - from Patsy Cline to Kings of Leon, Bon Iver to Randy Crawford, and Paramore to NAO. I can't stand the heat. My favourite meal is toad in the hole.

I don't break the rules. I'm shy in big groups. I believe in true love. I don't like speaking to people on the phone unless I know them. I pick at my skin all the time. I yawn when I'm nervous. I've been told I have an old head on young shoulders. I wear big hoops everyday and feel bare without a watch on my wrist.

This is me and I am slowly learning to love every part.

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Photography by Kaye Ford @ Fordtography