Blooming El



Hello and happy September! I hope you've had a lovely start to the new month. I feel like just skipping to the good bits today, let's get to it!

A Sunday Stroll 

Sunday was the first proper lie-in I've had in a while and although I absolutely loved the feeling of being wrapped up in my duvet, I actually got up and made the most of my day! Well most of the afternoon anyway...

I hopped out of bed after watching The X Factor on catch-up (every year I tell myself I'm not going to watch it and every year I fail), pottered around the house, then took myself off for a little walk. I haven't been feeling my best lately (in terms of health and body image), so I'm going to try to squeeze as much walking in as I can on the weekends and before it gets super dark after work!

The Best Sausage EVER

Get your mind out of the gutter you filthy animals.

At the Foodies Festival on Saturday, there were a few stalls handing out little samples. One stall had small bits of cooked sausage on offer, I grabbed a cocktail stick and picked the most burnt bit I could find (my fave) and OH MY, it was so delicious. Even G, who never eats sausage because he's afraid of the gristle, said it tasted good, so good in fact he went back for a second sample!

Bargain Embroidery 

I love a bit of embroidery. Every time I pick up an item of embroidered clothing, G tells me I already have it but I choose to ignore him and continue to live in embroidered bliss. 

Luckily, he wasn't with me when I was doing my usual food shop in Asda. I took a little detour to George and spotted a grey embroidered t-shirt. At only £8, I knew I had to have it! 

Goal Writing

As it's now September, I wanted to write some goals down that I could achieve by the end of the year. It's only four months away, eek! I bought myself a bargain notebook from Wilkos and jotted down a few new goals and ones that I've had since the beginning of the year.

I think writing down your goals and seeing them on paper makes them just that little bit easier to achieve!

Wine and Crime Podcast 

I asked Twitter for podcast recommendations, as I prefer them to music when going for a walk, and Lynsey came back with quite a few, including the absolutely fantastic Wine and Crime. It is hilarious, creepy, and interesting all at the same time. 

That's all for this week! Don't forget to visit the rest of the wonder women* (I think this should be our new nickname ladies) to see what's been making their week's extra lovely! If you want to join in, then share your #wonderfulwednesday moments with us on Twitter!

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