Blooming El



I think I have a problem guys. I'm a Wine and Crime podcast addict. I just can't stop listening. SO GOOD. 

I'm actually listening to an episode now, whilst waiting for Hollyoaks to come on the old box.

Anyho, how have you lot been? Are you having a fabulous September so far? I feel like it's already going so quickly, like we'll be halfway through the month before the end of the week, CRAZY. 

Shall we crack on with the you know what? 

A Forgotten Jumper

I'm having some photos taken by Kaye at the weekend and have been umming and ahhing about what to wear.

My style is much more suited to Autumn and Winter (no crop tops and denim shorts in my wardrobe) so I'd decided I'd like to wear a jumper of some sort, the one I originally had in mind is very plain and as a girl who loves floral patterns and embroidery, I felt I should find something a little 

I had a little rummage through my drawer and stumbled upon this little number, I'd completely forgotten about it (isn't it great when you find clothes that you forgot you had or thought you'd lost?!) and did a little dance when I realised it combined my two favourite things - jumpers and embroidery!

After Work Walks

I've been keeping up with my little goal of walking as often as possible before it gets dark! I've only been visiting the local lakes for a quick stroll after work but it's enough time to listen to an episode of Wine and Crime and is better than going straight home to pig out on the sofa! 

Finishing Trust

I FINALLY FINISHED THIS BOOK! I'm so bloody happy. It was one of those books that you put down and kind of forget about for a week or so but it was an enjoyable read! I'm just glad I can move on to something a bit more juicy now...

Early Nights

Me and G have been going to bed reasonably early, I think it's because it's practically pitch black from 7 o'clock now, but I'm not complaining. There's something lovely and cosy about being all wrapped up in bed before 9! (I'm such a grandma)

Snippets of Autumn 

Fallen leaves, orange tinted trees, and that little chill in the air - I LOVE it. I've started wearing my coat out all the time now and I've swapped my little slippers for my fluffy boots, best time of year EVER. 

That's all for this week! Don't forget to check what's been making the rest of the wonder women* super happy and if you want to join in yourself, share your #wonderfulwednesday moments with us on Twitter!

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