Blooming El



Well I'm chuffed that Tuesday is over. I've had a manic day, even my computer was screaming at me by the end of it. I say screaming, it actually froze and wouldn't let me do anything, so I had to restart it and pray I didn't lose my work. Luckily I didn't and now I'm home, an hour late, tip-tapping away as fast as I can because I really don't want to spend another second staring at a computer screen. 

Negatives aside, this #wonderfulwednesday is all about happy things! 


That one, up there, it's a pretty little sight isn't it?

As soon as I got home from work yesterday, I skipped on upstairs to get changed in to my pyjamas and was greeted by a gorgeous mix of blues and yellows outside my bedroom window. 

Escaping the Office 

Staring at a computer screen for eight hours can be extremely draining. Our office is based in an industrial area but luckily, a little park is only a two minute walk away and offers me that little bit of peace on my lunch break.

A breath of fresh air, a quick jiggle of the legs, and a chapter of my book soon gets my mojo back!

A Welsh Hamper

G had the genius idea of putting together a little hamper for our Welsh getaway next week (SO EXCITED). He packed a picnic basket full of chocolate, crisps, jams, crackers, biscuits, oh and two little face masks because (in G's words) 'hamper and pamper'. 

Fear the Walking Dead 


I am a massive fan of The Walking Dead *cough* Daryl *cough cough* and recently started watching FTWD. We smashed through the first two seasons and are quickly making our way through the third. I actually think I prefer it to The Walking Dead! 

Old CDs 

I've been using my CD case (yes I still have one) that's in my car this week and I've been LOVING it. Kelly Clarkson and Delilah on Monday and Alex Clare yesterday. I love listening to music or artists that you haven't listened to in ages and feeling like an absolute queen when you nail all of the lyrics. 

Sleeping In 

On Sunday, I had possibly the best sleep I've had in a very long time. I normally wake up at around half six everyday but on Sunday, I slept in till nine. Actually slept. I wasn't awake and scrolling through my phone, I was ASLEEP (you fell asleep?!) and it was bloody fab. 

Aaaaand, I'm done! Don't forget to check what's been making the rest of the wonder women* smile! If you want to get involved, you can share your own #wonderfulwednesday moments with us on Twitter!

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