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*sneaks back in after missing last week*

I know I talk a lot about how time flies but I can't believe that this is the last #wonderfulwednesday of October! It's just mad, this year has flown by!

The clocks will be going back soon and whilst Autumn and Winter are my favourite times of year, I have to say I'm not loving the dark mornings. The lack of light makes it even harder to get out of bed during the week.

However, whilst our mornings may be dark, and our years may be quick, there's lots of tiny things that make our days brighter. Here's mine from this week...

Travel Plans

G and I can't resist a little holiday and once we're back from one, we're thinking about the next.

Our priority for next year is still getting our own place but we would like to be able to explore somewhere new. On Monday night, we compiled a list of places we've been and places we want to go. We're not sure when we'll be able to tick them all off but it's nice to have something to focus on!

Being Brave

If you've read my latest catch up post, you'll know that I joined the gym! It was a very scary thing for me to do but I'm glad I did it and hope that it'll be somewhere I go quite frequently.


At last, the weekend is here and boy am I glad to see it! I spent the morning catching up on The X Factor (I know, I know, I'm awful), before finally peeling myself away from my duvet and heading in to town. 

I haven't been feeling my most body-confident lately, not that I ever really have been body confident, but over the last month I've been debating whether to join a gym, as my exercise regime is pretty much non-existent. G is a member of a gym and has been nagging me (in a good way) over the last two days to grab a day pass and just try it out. 

I panicked and cried but I put on my joggers and tip-toed in to the gym at about 9 o'clock yesterday evening. I honestly don't know what I was so worried about! I'll probably only go around three or four times a week and I won't be using more than three machines but it's a lot more than I'd usually be doing, so that can only be a good thing! 

hertfordshire day out

So yeah, the reason I popped in to town was to grab a few tops and a pair of leggings because I am officially a gym-goer! (Let's see how long that lasts).

There's so much Christmas stuff in the shops already and normally I'd be getting excited about it but I'm just not feeling it this year. My Nan absolutely loved Christmas and would make such a big deal out of it and I guess I'm just feeling like what's the point? The one person who loved all the festivities isn't here to celebrate with us. I'm sure I'll change my mind by the time I start doing some Christmas shopping and my Mum buys the first tin of Heroes.  


NUMBER 50! A big FIVE ZERO. How the bloody hell did that happen? 

I'm so glad I got involved with #wonderfulwednesday. When I first started reading blogs, I admired Sally (aka. the queen, the OG, the brains and beauty behind all things wonderful) for her way with words and how she could turn the simplest of things in to something worth celebrating. 

About three years ago, I started to practise gratitude daily, both mentally and physically, making a note of everything I was grateful for. When I saw that others started to join Sally and get involved with #wonderfulwednesday, celebrating the small parts of their days that made them smile, it felt only right that I became a wonder woman too. 

Here we are, 50 posts later and there's still SO much to celebrate. Shall we crack on? (10 points for anyone who can tell me the strong theme in this week's post). 

Homemade Mac n' Cheese

I'm not going to lie, I was slightly repulsed at the amount of cheese I had to put in the sauce but once I'd mixed it in with the pasta, smoked pancetta, and shoved it under the grill, that 'there's-far-too-much-cheese-in-this-and-it's-kinda-gross' feeling soon vanished! 

Mac n' Cheese is one of my favourite dishes (when it's already made for me and I don't see what actually goes in it) and I'm pretty damn good at making it from scratch (I'm sure G will back me up on this). 

Served alongside some garlic and rosemary flatbread, it was the perfect dish for a Sunday evening! 

American TV Series'

Designated Survivor and How to Get Away with Murder are finally back on our screens and I couldn't be more excited. Now that we're in Autumn and the air is that little bit cooler, they are the perfect accompaniment to a cosy night in! 



Having stopped off in Walsall on Sunday night, our little lodge was only an hour and a half away. However, we couldn't check-in till 4pm. We ate breakfast, read a few chapters of our books, then hopped in the car and drove to Newtown.

Newtown is the closest town to Slate House Lodges. It's not very big and only has a handful of shops but it passed the time! After a quick lunch stop in Greggs, it was time to do the big shop!

I was quite surprised to find not one, but three large supermarkets. We opted for Tesco (got to rack up those clubcard points!) and picked up WAY too much food for the week.

After a few country lanes, several steep hills, and one large gravelly track, we finally arrived at our lodge and what a BEAUTIFUL lodge it was. We unpacked our shopping, hung up our clothes, and quickly settled in to our temporary home. 

wales lodge accommodation

self catering accommodation wales


It's Wednesday morning and I'm tip-tapping away on my phone to bring you all of my wonderful moments so far this week. 

This week I'm bringing you my wonderful list from the very beautiful Powys, as myself and G are having some well deserved R&R in the MOST beautiful lodge. 

Shall we?

Peace and Quiet 

No police sirens, no barking dogs, no children screaming at their parents, just the gentle rustling of the trees and not much else! 

It's so quiet here and I love it.

Eating with G

Back home, I only get to have dinner with G on the days he's off from work. I've really enjoyed being able to have breakfast, lunch, and dinner with him whilst on holiday. 

Last night we made tacos together and it was just really lovely.   


I love staycations, especially ones that involve escaping to a lodge in the middle of the countryside for a few nights. Myself and G are returning to Wales tomorrow, we've booked a lodge through Hoseasons and will be treating ourselves to some well deserved R&R.

I thought I'd put together a little post to show you what we'll be taking with us and share a few pictures from our last trip to the Welsh countryside!

A lot of the items are more suited to self-catering accommodation but I'm sure you could slip a few things in your suitcase if you're staying at a hotel or B&B. 

staycation wales


The UK isn't exactly known for its hot temperatures and gloriously sunny days (although we do have them). I use a blanket at home, whenever I'm chilling on the sofa or as an extra layer in bed, so it'd be silly not to pack one!


Autumn/Winter staycations provide the perfect opportunity to work through all those unread books on your shelf. Whether you read a chapter in your private hot tub, or a whole book snuggled up on the sofa, you'll soon smash your to-read list.

I normally take two or three with me, I like options when it comes to reading! 

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