Blooming El



At last, the weekend is here and boy am I glad to see it! I spent the morning catching up on The X Factor (I know, I know, I'm awful), before finally peeling myself away from my duvet and heading in to town. 

I haven't been feeling my most body-confident lately, not that I ever really have been body confident, but over the last month I've been debating whether to join a gym, as my exercise regime is pretty much non-existent. G is a member of a gym and has been nagging me (in a good way) over the last two days to grab a day pass and just try it out. 

I panicked and cried but I put on my joggers and tip-toed in to the gym at about 9 o'clock yesterday evening. I honestly don't know what I was so worried about! I'll probably only go around three or four times a week and I won't be using more than three machines but it's a lot more than I'd usually be doing, so that can only be a good thing! 

hertfordshire day out

So yeah, the reason I popped in to town was to grab a few tops and a pair of leggings because I am officially a gym-goer! (Let's see how long that lasts).

There's so much Christmas stuff in the shops already and normally I'd be getting excited about it but I'm just not feeling it this year. My Nan absolutely loved Christmas and would make such a big deal out of it and I guess I'm just feeling like what's the point? The one person who loved all the festivities isn't here to celebrate with us. I'm sure I'll change my mind by the time I start doing some Christmas shopping and my Mum buys the first tin of Heroes.  

hertfordshire lakes

Work has been really busy over the past few months, we've had to fit a twelve month project into four months and well, it's just a little tough! I worked Sunday afternoon and didn't finish work on Monday till half one in the morning! I was a bit delirious by midnight and could not stop giggling but we did it! I'm hoping we'll be back to working normal hours now and should have our big project finished by the end of the month.

My manager let me have Tuesday off to recover. I stayed in bed most of the day, catching up on Liar (definitely wasn't expecting THAT) and Made in Chelsea (bald Jamie is a definite yes yes yes).

When I eventually admitted to myself that I wasn't going to get any sleep, I dug out my goals book and was surprised to see how many I'd achieved! I'm only one book away from my reading goal, which I'm really pleased about. I then took the time to write my January-April goals. Most of them are centered around myself and G being in our own place and making sure I put money aside every month so we can still have fun whilst paying rent (oh adulthood).

hertfordshire open space

Last Saturday, I met up with Sian again (honestly, she just won't leave me alone). We had a little wander around Rickmansworth Aquadrome, which is where I snapped all the photos in this post, and filled our bellies with the most perfect skin-on fries and a chunky chocolate brownie.

It's weird but wonderful when you discover another blogger who lives in your hometown. Sian is a pretty great egg and I'm so pleased that we met up, and continue to meet up for that matter. I'm sure there'll be more carb filled afternoons and outdoor adventuring to come! 


I think we're all caught up! As G isn't home for another two hours, I think I'm going to spend some time catching up on blog posts and having a little Twitter sort out. Tomorrow, I might brave the gym by myself, read a few chapters of my book, and just enjoy the fact that I'm not sat in front of my desk, screaming at my computer because InDesign has crashed for the 14567th time. 

How are you guys? What have you lovely lot been up to? Comment below or come and say 'hey!' on Twitter