Blooming El



It's Wednesday morning and I'm tip-tapping away on my phone to bring you all of my wonderful moments so far this week. 

This week I'm bringing you my wonderful list from the very beautiful Powys, as myself and G are having some well deserved R&R in the MOST beautiful lodge. 

Shall we?

Peace and Quiet 

No police sirens, no barking dogs, no children screaming at their parents, just the gentle rustling of the trees and not much else! 

It's so quiet here and I love it.

Eating with G

Back home, I only get to have dinner with G on the days he's off from work. I've really enjoyed being able to have breakfast, lunch, and dinner with him whilst on holiday. 

Last night we made tacos together and it was just really lovely.   

Beautiful Scenery 

A couple of years ago, we went to Snowdonia National Park and I was so surprised at how beautiful it was. 

Now, we're in Mid-Wales and it's just as beautiful. Big sparkling lakes, rolling green hills, and trees that could tickle the stars. 

Applewood Cheese 

On the way back from Lake Vyrnwy yesterday, we stopped off at Morrisons to pick up a dessert.

G spotted some applewood cheese pieces on offer and as it's one of my favourite kinds of cheese, I didn't need any convincing and shoved it straight in our basket! 

We enjoyed a chunk each on the way back to our lodge. Delicious! 


Sitting in front of a fire, curled up in a blanket and turning the pages of a book that has you hooked. Is there anything better?   

Gareth aka. G

Just G. Funny, handsome, kind and adventurous G. I'm so glad I get to share these wonderful experiences with you. 

That's my #wonderfulwednesday done for another week! Don't forget to check out what's been making the rest of the wonder women* happy and if you want to join in yourself, share your wonderful moments with us on Twitter