Blooming El



NUMBER 50! A big FIVE ZERO. How the bloody hell did that happen? 

I'm so glad I got involved with #wonderfulwednesday. When I first started reading blogs, I admired Sally (aka. the queen, the OG, the brains and beauty behind all things wonderful) for her way with words and how she could turn the simplest of things in to something worth celebrating. 

About three years ago, I started to practise gratitude daily, both mentally and physically, making a note of everything I was grateful for. When I saw that others started to join Sally and get involved with #wonderfulwednesday, celebrating the small parts of their days that made them smile, it felt only right that I became a wonder woman too. 

Here we are, 50 posts later and there's still SO much to celebrate. Shall we crack on? (10 points for anyone who can tell me the strong theme in this week's post). 

Homemade Mac n' Cheese

I'm not going to lie, I was slightly repulsed at the amount of cheese I had to put in the sauce but once I'd mixed it in with the pasta, smoked pancetta, and shoved it under the grill, that 'there's-far-too-much-cheese-in-this-and-it's-kinda-gross' feeling soon vanished! 

Mac n' Cheese is one of my favourite dishes (when it's already made for me and I don't see what actually goes in it) and I'm pretty damn good at making it from scratch (I'm sure G will back me up on this). 

Served alongside some garlic and rosemary flatbread, it was the perfect dish for a Sunday evening! 

American TV Series'

Designated Survivor and How to Get Away with Murder are finally back on our screens and I couldn't be more excited. Now that we're in Autumn and the air is that little bit cooler, they are the perfect accompaniment to a cosy night in! 


I've recently discovered that Lindt and Green and Black's (Milk obvs) chocolate actually tastes pretty damn good! 

Other than the occasional Aldi chocolate when I'm at my Dad's (omg so good), I normally only ever eat Dairy Milk or Galaxy. Move on over Wispa and Ripple bars, there's a new chocolate in town! 

My Own Bed

As much as I love going away on holiday, you can't beat the feeling of returning home and jumping in to your own bed. 

Getting Stuck In 

I returned to work on Monday, had a quick catch up then got stuck in with our latest deadline. It's a ridiculous deadline and one that we have to reach by Friday BUT I'm feeling confident. We can do this! 

That's it, that's all I have for this week's Wonderful Wednesday! The happy lists don't stop there though, check out what's been making the rest of the wonder women* happy and if you want to join in yourself, share your #wonderfulwednesday moments with us on Twitter

Here's to the next 50!