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Good morning and happy Wednesday! I can't believe we're basically halfway through the week already (and halfway through January!). It was a pleasant surprise when I realised that yesterday was in fact Tuesday and not Monday, oh the little things.

Talking of the little things, shall we crack on with this weeks list of wonderful?

Life Planning 

Me and G had a lovely Saturday afternoon, sat in Costa planning out our finances for the next four months. We really want to be in our own place by the end of June and by putting everything down on paper, we can see how we can achieve that goal. We have a few holidays, birthdays, and our anniversary to cater for before June but with careful planning I'm sure we'll get there! 


ROUND ROUND BABY ROUND ROUND, SPEND THE NIGHT ON ME (or spinning out on me perhaps? I can't quite tell)

I had a little jam session at work the other day. I was rocking at my desk to the Sugababes, Girls Aloud, Steps, and Hearsay. I then proceeded to add Sugababes to my music library and have swung my hips to their sassy tunes whilst washing up, making dinner, driving to work, and...yep typing this little post! 


We made it, the hump day is here! Just got to get over this little hill then it's smooth sailing in to the weekend. 

My first few days back at work haven't been too bad, I'm actually glad I've got something to do other than laze around on the sofa watching YouTube videos.

Shall we crack on? 

Reading with G

Over the past three nights, me and G have both got cosy in bed and settled down with our books. I absolutely love reading before I go to sleep and when your partner is doing the same it just feels like you're both in a little warm, cosy bubble. 

Fresh air

On Sunday, myself and G had a little wander around Hughenden Manor. It was so nice to breathe in the fresh, crisp air. It was absolutely freezing but it blew away the cobwebs and was the perfect end to the weekend. 

I say it was perfect but G hadn't actually bothered to check whether our original destination was open on Sundays. I drove for an hour, trying to find the entrance to somewhere that was shut. It's safe to say I was a little bit peeved BUT G quickly found another National Trust site and luckily it was only another 10 minute drive away. Note to self: Don't trust your partner to do ANYTHING. 


I'm well aware that Christmas is over. The decorations are coming down, biscuit tins are being replaced with Easter eggs, and the perfume set you bought your Mum is now half price. However, I couldn't not share my thoughts on my advent calendar this year because it was rather wonderful.

I've always had chocolate advent calendars and only discovered alternative calendars a few years ago when G bought me a make-up one. Back in October, I discovered The Book Advent Calendar on Twitter and immediately fell in love with the idea. 

I thought I'd share my thoughts on the calendar, as I know some of you are avid readers too! 


The Book Advent Calendar offered two different types of calendars for both children and adults, a 12 day and a 25 day. 

I opted for the typical 25 day calendar which was £25, meaning that technically you're paying £1 per book - bargain!

Upon checkout, you're asked to pick what genres you'd like to receive and if there are any authors you don't want to be included. 


Happy New Year you lovely lot! I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas break and 2018 is treating you well so far. I'm not back at work till Monday (score!) and I kind of feel guilty for not being as productive as I could have been over the past two weeks but hey, we all need a rest now and then...right? 

It's the first #wonderfulwednesday of 2018. Let's get to it! 

Sleeping in

I haven't set an alarm for at least two weeks now and it has felt FANTASTIC. I've been sleeping in till around 9 o'clock and whilst I've felt a little guilty for waking up so late, I feel like my body needed it. I'm contemplating setting my alarm for the next five days, otherwise I may struggle getting up on Monday!

Honeydew melon 

So fresh, so juicy, so damn delicious.
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