Blooming El



I'm well aware that Christmas is over. The decorations are coming down, biscuit tins are being replaced with Easter eggs, and the perfume set you bought your Mum is now half price. However, I couldn't not share my thoughts on my advent calendar this year because it was rather wonderful.

I've always had chocolate advent calendars and only discovered alternative calendars a few years ago when G bought me a make-up one. Back in October, I discovered The Book Advent Calendar on Twitter and immediately fell in love with the idea. 

I thought I'd share my thoughts on the calendar, as I know some of you are avid readers too! 


The Book Advent Calendar offered two different types of calendars for both children and adults, a 12 day and a 25 day. 

I opted for the typical 25 day calendar which was £25, meaning that technically you're paying £1 per book - bargain!

Upon checkout, you're asked to pick what genres you'd like to receive and if there are any authors you don't want to be included. 


I received my calendar in the middle of November. The books came in a very large (and very heavy) cardboard box, each one wrapped in a different type of Christmas paper and with a sparkly number in the corner. I felt sorry for G who was (luckily enough) at home to collect it. 


I am really pleased with the books in my calendar. They are all of good quality and out of all the 25 books, I had only read three of them (One of Us is Lying, Wuthering Heights, and The Fault in our Stars)

If you'd like to see what books I received I've put together a little list on my Goodreads profile, just click here!

The only downside is that I actually received the same book twice. However, I understand that this is a family run business and I think it's the first time they had produced the advent calendars. I imagine they were under a lot of pressure!

Chocolate can disappear in seconds and concealer will run out eventually but can keep them forever! I would definitely purchase the book advent again and if you love reading or know someone who does, I'd highly recommend keeping this one in mind for Christmas 2018! 

What do you think of a book advent calendar? Have you ever had one for the countdown to Christmas?