Blooming El



Good morning, good morning! It's won-der-ful Wednesday!

I'm hoping this hump day whizzes by, as myself and G are off to LAAAANDAN for a mid-week date night.

London isn't my fave place on earth BUT we've been craving a Shake Shack since leaving the bright lights of New York City last June, which means we have to hop on a train to the capital city to satisfy our hungry bellies. We're then going to lounge on a sofa at Everyman Cinema in Hampstead, so yeah it should be good!

Shall we?

gratitude list making

Turning 23

Getting older can be pretty scary but it's always fun celebrating a birthday isn't it? The presents, the cake, the quick dash to the pub for a drink.

I celebrated my 23rd birthday on Sunday. Me and G went for breakfast in the morning, had a little drink at the pub, then went for afternoon tea with some of my family. A nice, chilled day!

Leona Lewis

Leona appeared on TV last week and it took me right back to my teenage years, making up very dramatic dance routines to the songs on her Spirit album. 

I couldn't resist listening to Take a Bow and Whatever It Takes, those were my jams back in ze day. 


Big round of applause to my Dad, who managed to pull off a surprise 50th birthday party for his partner in crime. It was so lovely to see a plan come together! 

Time to myself

I had Monday off of work, so took myself to Hitchin for a spot of retail therapy. Although it was wet and miserable, I enjoyed the time to myself and even indulged in some mac n' cheese!

That's all for this week but as usual, the happy lists don't stop there! Don't forget to check out what wonderful things have made the rest of the wonder women* smile so far this week and if you fancy joining in yourself, share your #wonderfulwednesday moments with us on Twitter.

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