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It's been a while since I've published a post that wasn't a #wonderfulwednesday (although I did miss out on last weeks one, woops). I haven't felt very motivated to post anything on here lately, in fact I haven't felt very motivated to do anything remotely creative. I've found myself in a bit of a life slump and even had a little 'meltdown' a few weeks ago, which I'll probably write a completely separate post about. I guess, I don't know...I've just felt a bit lost and unsure about life and everything in between. 

However, it hasn't been all bad! At the end of February, myself and Sian drove to Plymouth for one night and met up with Jemma aka. Dorkface. FINALLY! It only took, what three years? Despite it being bloody freezing, I had a really lovely time and I'm so glad I'm finally pushing myself out of my comfort zone and meeting some of you lovely lot. I'm planning a little get together in Cambridge with a few blogging girls too, so that should be fun! 

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Myself and G have been to the cinema a few times recently and I'm really falling back in love with films. For the past year, we've watched series, after series, after series and whilst I love every single one, you can't beat a good old film. I find it easier, and less distracting, watching films in the cinema and as G recently found out he gets half price cinema tickets, there's really no excuse not to go! 

A few weeks ago we went to see The Shape of Water at Everyman Cinema in Hampstead. We had brownies and sweets delivered straight to our sofa and it was fab. I think every cinema should be kitted out with sofas, so much more comfortable! 

On Thursday, we went to see Red Sparrow and it was SO GOOD. Silly old me accidentally booked seats at the St Helen's Cineworld, 180 miles away from where we live, so we did have to rebook but it was worth it. Jennifer Lawrence is just a total BABE. 

I've started whipping out my phone during the trailers to jot down any films that take my fancy, as I'd only forget by the time I come out of the cinema. I'd really like to see Lady Bird and Oasis next! 

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plymouth cornwall

As well as films, I've really been enjoying reading recently too. I'm currently reading my sixth book of 2018 -  Stay Close by Harlan Coben. It's another one from my Book Advent Calendar and it's really gripping, I have a feeling I'll finish it today. I think the last time I read a book in two days was when I was about fifteen and totally in love with Edward Cullen #lols. 


If you follow me on Twitter, you may have seen that two people have voted for me in the Blogosphere Awards. I am genuinely so shocked that someone even thought of me when casting their vote. As I mentioned in my tweet, I never expect anyone to read my blog, let alone deem me worthy of voting. I'm so grateful to those who have voted, I think it's given me that little push to try getting back in the swing of all things blogging. I really want to get some coaching from Jasmin, as I've heard such good things and think it will do me and Blooming El the world of good. 

For now though, I want to finish my book, eat angel cake, and do a lil' bit of research for our upcoming Italian adventure, EEEK SO EXCITING. 

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